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Unexpected discovered the healing properties of apples

Обнаружено неожиданное целебное свойство яблокThe usual fruit protects against cancer.

Regular consumption of apples as food reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, according to the Polish researchers.

In the study, researchers examined the health status of the 592 patients suffering from colorectal cancer, 765 patients without the disease, lying in the same hospital. It turned out that people with cancer eaten 9.5 servings of apples a week. But people without cancer eating 11 servings a week, said experts.

Thus, reducing the risk of cancer was observed among people who ate an Apple a day. The reduction was 0.65. But when you use more than one Apple a day, the risk was decreased by almost half. By the way, the inclusion of other fruit or vegetables in the diet, this effect is not given.

Researchers believe that the healing properties of apples are due to the high content of flavonoids acting as antioxidants. The highest concentration of these substances was observed in the skin of apples, so apples to clean the the scientists is not recommended. Flavonoids do not give the molecules of free radicals to damage the tissues, which inhibits cell proliferation and cancer.

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