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Unemployment in Russia: what happened to 15 million people?

Безработица в России: куда делись 15 миллионов человек?

Arithmetic for Russian officials and politicians – as Muse. At each Department the discipline — its, tame, comfortable, right.

For example, Rosstat says that in a country of about 3.5 million unemployed. That is, of 76,6 million able-bodied citizens officially employed 73,1 million, in September 2018.
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Are registered with the employment service and receiving benefits is less than 700 thousand people, tells us to Rosstat. How to survive the rest of the 2.8 million — is unclear. We can assume that sitting on the neck parents, children, husbands, wives, et cetera.

In the interest of the Russian unemployment looks quite cute: 4.6% – it’s a little worse than in the US and the UK, but much more optimistic than in a European country such as Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Canada or overseas.

On the other hand, the state Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs issued a bill according to which non-working citizens to pay for health insurance (MHI) contributions to the Pension Fund and social insurance.

The head of the Committee Sergey Vostretsov has a very different arithmetic, in which some 18 million Russians official work do not have. The discrepancy between Rosstat almost 15 million did not bother Sergei vostretsova, designed to conduct social policy and making the opposite of his duties bills.

“And if a man will not make payments, followed by penalties, as in tax evasion”, – quotes the words of the Chairman of Committee on social policy and things like that, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

“Experts estimate” that this innovation could bring the budget 734 billion a year. Obviously, these experts are not connected with the Federal state statistics service, a report on the successful state of the labor market in the country.

Rosstat has made in their data even schoolchildren and pensioners — all Russians aged 15 years. The employment rate among citizens who received passports and still not dead has made a fantastic quantity of 60.3% in September 2018. The others, obviously, have retired, become disabled, or not yet started his career.

Where scored 18 million parasites the head of the Duma Committee Vostretsov — is unclear. As these mythological evaders to collect 734 billion budget — the big question. The bailiffs can’t get alimony, free-riding abroad, and there are millions of unemployed, which assures us reputable Agency does not exist.

However, we remember how five years ago, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets has “lost” almost 40 million people who, according to her, “busy do not know what” and do not pay taxes. Then half of the able-bodied, naseleniia the country and is not found.

The Deputy Vostretsov is windy political biography. Being a trade unionist and leader of “Labor party of Russia” in the Duma he came under the list of “United Russia”, and has worked in the committees for regional development and local government; science and innovation; public control over the progress of education reform; health and the environment. Famous for a proposal to ban public sector employees work part-time.

It’s 18 million unemployed believe it is much easier than in the prosperous and 4.6% unemployment from Rosstat.

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