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Underwater Kingdom to the eyes of the largest aquariums in the world. Photo

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. ФотоOnly here basking sharks and stingrays at arm’s length.

The color of the Earth, as we are assured the astronauts, blue. Otherwise: two-thirds of its surface is covered by water.

Half of all vertebrates on Earth – the inhabitants of the water. In the name of Supreme justice, to make a proposal to rename the planet Earth the Water planet, because the main owners it can be considered inhabitants of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. Secrets of the underwater world attract people. So every year in different countries there are new aquariums (aquaria), where the thick glasses you can see real miracles.

The ocean! He always lured people with its harmonious beauty and many hidden under the water secrets. The global ocean is striking in its grandeur, veiled in its azure waters, the world is unique and incredibly interesting. To admire them, many have mastered the skill of diving and travel to the secret corners of the planet. There is a more affordable way to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world – visit one of the most famous aquariums of the world. In the coolest aquariums the visitors can not only see rare marine life, but also to walk along the long transparent maze, surrounded by sea water, dine in underwater restaurants and even stay the night in one of the rooms and sleep near lurking behind the glass sharks.

1. The Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

One of the most famous and beautiful in the world is the Churaumi aquarium, located in the Northern part of Okinawa in Motobu. The aquarium, which visitors can see today, was opened in 2002 for the first 8 years of operation it was visited by 20 million people. The first aquarium in this place was built in 1975, and later it was decided to build a new four-story building. Only in this building posted a 77 aquarium, collection aquarium has 26 000 marine animals that belong to 740 different species.

The main feature of the aquarium is the Central aquarium, which amounts to 7 500 cubic meters. Its overview panel is made of Plexiglas with a thickness of 60 cm, its width is 22.5 m and a height of 8.2 meters, respectively. At first glance, it resembles a huge screen, like you see in most modern theaters. In front of this “screen” is equipped with comfortable soft seats, so visitors always have the opportunity to sit back and watch the azure waters slowly swim sharks and exotic fish.

The Churaumi aquarium is sure to please both lovers of thrills, it has a special room devoted to sharks — Shark Research Lab. Here, in addition to aquariums with animals presents a very interesting collection of exhibits, including a huge jaw a 16-metre shark. Different aquarium and high-class technical equipment, water for its inhabitants is pumped directly from the ocean, pre-clearing and warming up to a certain temperature.

2. The aquarium in Sydney, Australia

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Year of creation: 1988. Population (attendance): more than 1 million people a year.

Another world-famous aquarium, located in Sydney, it opened in 1988 and today is the visitors one of the richest collections of marine life in the world. This aquarium nice impressive system of underwater tunnels, a walk which promises to be unforgettable. The visitors created a realistic feeling of complete immersion in the abyss of the sea, over their heads floating a huge shark and a bevy of colorful tropical fish, and around the marvelous underwater scenery.

The Sydney aquarium is home to more than 11 000 marine animals and fish that cover over 650 different species. The vast territory of the Oceanarium is divided into several thematic zones, visitors will have the opportunity to look into the “Resident seal” and watch some of the most friendly marine animals in the world. One of the most impressive halls is considered “Open ocean”, where in a huge aquarium sharks, weighing up to 300 kg.

No less impressive is the area of the “Great barrier reef”, you can see the most amazing sea creatures: miniature colourful fish, seahorses, colorful stars and polyps. Each year the aquarium in Sydney is visited by over a million people, and 55% of them are tourists from other countries. He is not losing popularity and the people of Australia, according to statistics, every Australian for his life visited the aquarium in Sydney 2 – 3 times. These figures are not surprising, after all, the Sydney aquarium presents the world’s largest collection of sharks, and still it is the longest acrylic tunnel in the world with a length of 160 meters.

3. The Oceanographic Park of Valencia, Spain

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Area: 11 000 sq.meters.

In Valencia the travelers have the opportunity to visit not just an aquarium, but a real Oceanographic Park, an area of 11,000 square meters. It is a striking building in a futuristic style and presents to visitors an incredible collection of marine life from around the world, the total volume of aquariums, the center is 42 million litres.

Oceanografic is the largest of its kind institution in Europe and one of the largest in the world, its collection includes more than 45,000 fish and marine animals. The visitors center will be able to see not only traditional aquariums of fish and sharks, but also dolphins, sea lions, Beluga whales, walruses, and even penguins. A huge aquarium is divided into nine themed zones, each of which is equipped for a particular type of animal and accurately recreates characteristics of a particular ecosystem.

There is the Oceanographic Park in Valencia and two huge tunnel, which is an integral part of the tour. Another interesting feature of the centre is the underwater Submarino restaurant is one of the best places in town for a romantic dinner. The outer walls in the hall of this restaurant is made of acrylic glass, so during dinner visitors can enjoy the passing fish. Visitors with children more and more popular daily Dolphin shows, the aquarium of Valencia, everyone can find a place to stay for everyone.

4. Oceanarium in Lisbon, Portugal

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Year of creation: 1998.

In Lisbon in the Park of Nations is a wonderful aquarium, which is also one of the largest and most visited in Europe. The device of this aquarium is very interesting, it has five huge aquariums, each of which represents a collection of the inhabitants of one of the oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, and Arctic. The opening of the aquarium was held in 1998, it is located in a building that was built specifically for the world exhibition.

Since opening, it has gained immense popularity among locals and tourists, now is the Oceanarium in Lisbon is annually visited by over a million people. It presents more than 16,000 marine animals belonging to 450 different species. The volume of the large aquarium is 5 000 cubic meters, it is designed in such a way that creates the illusion of the open ocean.

In this aquarium features more than one hundred species of marine life, including various species of tuna, rays, sharks, barracudas, Moray eels and even the mysterious sunfish. Around a huge Central aquarium are four others, one of the most unusual is the aquarium, dedicated to the inhabitants of the Pacific ocean. In addition to exotic fish can be seen incredibly beautiful forest of seaweed. In the aquarium, dedicated to the Indian ocean, the Central place is the coral reef, watching swirling around him with my life incredibly interesting.

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5. The Georgia aquarium, USA

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

In Atlanta is the largest aquarium in the United States, it is a landmark of national importance. The total amount of aquariums is 32 000 cubic meters, which is a habitat for about 120 000 marine animals and fish. The vast territory of the Oceanarium is divided into several thematic exhibitions that present the perfect aquarium and Dolphin Tales.

Quite unusual is the Cold Water Quest exhibit that introduces guests to the inhabitants of the coldest oceans. Here you can see a family of Beluga whales and African penguins that have adapted to harsh environmental conditions. The Tropical Diver exhibit, in contrast, is devoted to the inhabitants of warm seas. Here you can see the incredible beauty of tropical fish, exotic jellyfish and corals – in short, everything, than “hunting” divers from around the world.

One of the most spectacular aquarium is the Ocean Voyager, which is home to four whale sharks. Its design involves the presence of acrylic tunnel, so to observe marine life incredibly interesting. The Georgia aquarium offer visitors a huge selection of exciting tours, thrill-seekers will offer diving and together with the accompanying swim in the aquarium with sharks. Among other original facilities include an opportunity to spend the night at the aquarium – that’s only part of the surprises prepared for the guests one of the most incredible aquariums in the world.

6. Oceanarium Singapore, Singapore

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Year of creation: 2012.

Incredible aquarium is in Singapore, the total volume of water aquariums it is more than 45 000 cubic metres. They’re home to more than 10,000 fish and marine animals that belong to 800 different species. Among the outstanding features of the aquarium is worth noting its Central aquarium, its overview panel is the largest in the world. Its width is 36 meters and a height of 8.3 meters respectively. Against this background, a huge screen and the people look very tiny, it allows them to enjoy the presence and feel part of a huge ocean.

Nice aquarium, Singapore and rare specimens of marine life, it lives more than 20 species of dolphins-malinow, as well as bronze hammerhead, to see which is not in every major aquarium of the world. The opening of the aquarium took place in 2012, since opening, and currently it is the largest on the planet.

In addition to direct large-scale aquarium center includes an amusement Park, which will also be interesting to visit with the whole family. In the colorful water Park is equipped with many interesting attractions, as well as traditional water slides, mysterious caves and incredibly beautiful underground aquarium. Fans of unusual entertainment will love the underwater restaurant, which offers a view of the giant aquarium. The surprises do not end there, all visitors have the opportunity to stay in a hotel, which is located on the territory of the Park, with rooms also offer a magnificent view of the aquariums.

7. Aquarium, Dubai, UAE

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Guests of Dubai should not lose the opportunity to visit one of the most amazing aquariums of the world. The aquarium is located on the territory of the biggest shopping and entertainment center of the Middle East — Dubai Mall. The total volume of the aquarium is 10 million gallons, the aquarium presents more than 33 000 inhabitants, the conditions for surveillance which is simply beautiful.

Directly under a huge aquarium is the tunnel, all aquariums are different from the large observation screens. A trip to the aquarium is sure to be informative, because it works “School of the Ocean.” Visitors are offered various types of educational programs, which include special programs for children of different ages and even for students. The main attractive feature of the aquarium is its Central aquarium, which in addition to hundreds of colorful tropical fish can be seen basking sharks. The scale of the overview screen is just amazing, its width is 33 meters and a height of 8.5 meters.

Admire the marine inhabitants not only using huge screen while walking through the tunnel, guests of the aquarium in Dubai available another unusual entertainment. They can ride on the water huge aquarium on the glass-bottomed boat. Fans of thrills will offer to dive in the shark aquarium. It is under the supervision of an instructor and is completely safe for all time of existence of “attraction” did not happen even a single accident. The Dubai aquarium is not only one of the most famous, but also one of the most interesting in the world.

8. The North Sea Oceanarium, Denmark

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Year of creation: 1984.

In Denmark in Hirtshals is known for the North Sea Oceanarium is a unique entertainment centre, a memorable visit is guaranteed to everyone. The total volume of the aquarium of this center is 4 500 cubic meters, in him dwells 70 species of fish. Someone this collection may seem quite modest, but each of the inhabitants of this amazing aquarium – a rare marine animal. Only in the North sea Oceanarium you can simultaneously watch multiple fish-moons, unhurried movements are just fascinating.

The opening of the aquarium was held in 1984, are among its outstanding features huge aquarium, which is constructed in the form of an amphitheatre. The height of the glass is 8 feet, using them is very convenient to observe the flocks of mackerel and herring, as well as a huge sharks. Every day for the guests of the Oceanarium spend an interesting show, they can watch as immersed in the aquarium diver feeding the fish.

In addition to the huge private aquarium in the centre there is a large outdoor pool, it is home to seals. Travellers with kids will be interesting to visit the aquarium in the warmer time of the year when for the youngest visitors open interactive zone Krabbekysten. It is a big Playground with a pond, a “touching” pool and a pier that you can fish for crabs. Summer visitors have a excellent picnic areas, cafes with outdoor terraces and souvenir shops.

9. Aquarium Aqua, Australia

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

In Perth, Australia, too, there is the aquarium, which is able to surprise even the most experienced travelers. Aquarium Aqua luxurious décor, the volume of the main aquarium is more than three million litres. Specialists tried, to all the inhabitants of the aquarium feel comfortable, decoration of the tanks was carried out with great care. The main entertainment of the visitors of the Oceanarium remains a stroll on the transparent tunnel, whose length is 98 meters.

During the “underwater” walk you can see beautiful exotic fish, huge sharks and even sea turtles, which are an important symbol of Australia. Coast of Australia is rich with diverse marine life to meet them easier, the territory of the Oceanarium is divided into five thematic zones. They are dedicated to the inhabitants of the Perth coast, Great southern coast, the marine Park of Marmion, the Far North Coast shipwrecks.

Perth aquarium Aqua is a real historical attraction, with its opening is a beautiful story. The founder of the center is Morris Kahn – one of the richest men of Australia, who in 1970-e years has opened several major theme parks. His son loved scuba diving and during one of the dives has damaged the eardrum, further scuba diving could not go and speeches. To console his son, Morris Kahn decided to build him the best on the continent aquarium, which now tend to visit travelers from around the world.

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10. The Duman Oceanarium, Kazakhstan

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Year of appearance: 2003.

Surprisingly, one of the most incredible aquariums on the planet should be looked for among the desert steppes of Kazakhstan. The Duman Oceanarium, which opened in 2003, presents to visitors a rich collection of marine life, which has about 2.5 thousand individuals. The Central volume of the aquarium is 3.5 million litres, the project of the Oceanarium worked the best specialists of the Chinese company Asiocean internationa, as well as specialists from Russia.

The Duman Oceanarium holds the Guinness Book of records, since it remains the most remote from the waters of the world ocean Oceanarium in the world. In fact, Duman is a huge entertainment complex, which in addition to the huge aquariums with marine life and traditional acrylic tunnel visitors will find many interesting surprises.

They will be able to visit an ultra-modern cinema, relax in one of cosy cafes, shops and even try their luck in the casino. The same for whom the paramount marine activities every day offered interesting entertainment and educational programs. Guests of the aquarium accessible to the broadest range of entertainment, from traditional feeding sharks, to scuba diving and the opportunity to swim in one huge aquarium with some of the most dangerous sea predators. Like entertainment center and those who always wanted to learn to dive, you can work out under the guidance of an experienced instructor and receive a certificate.

11. The Deep Aquarium, England

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Year of creation: 2002.

In England, travelers are invited to visit the aquarium of Dip, situated in a picturesque location – at the confluence of the rivers Humber and hull. The opening of the aquarium was held in 2002, today it is home to 3 000 sea creatures, including seven species of sharks. The total volume of the aquarium is 2.5 million liters, not everyone is aware of the fact that Deep is not just an aquarium, among other, and one of the world’s largest centres for marine research.

Among his regular guests not only curious travelers, but also scientists from all over the world. For students here offer an interesting educational program. The aquarium is famous for its rich collection of exotic fish, admire the flocks of which can be infinite. In addition, it is home to rare waterfowl species, and one of the most unusual is the penguin exhibit. Among the attractions England aquarium, the Deep, has long occupied a leading position, it is very popular among tourists with children.

12. The Aquarium Of Genoa, Italy

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Year of creation: 1992. Area: 3,100 sq meters. Population (attendance): 1.2 million people a year.

Italy’s largest aquarium is in Genoa, it is the second largest in Europe. The opening of the aquarium was held in 1992, it was built specially for the opening of the exhibition of Genoa Expo’92. Initially, the center has an important educational, ecological and even historical significance. Its opening was timed to the remarkable date – the 500-year anniversary of Columbus ‘ discover of the New world.

Visitors to the aquarium of Genova introduces the typical inhabitants of the Ligurian sea, the Northern waters of the Atlantic ocean, as well as typical reef of the Caribbean sea. Thus, the exposition is mainly a reproduction sea route, which is more than 500 years ago did Christopher Columbus. It is also worth noting that the present exhibition focuses on the most important environmental problems of the planet, for visitors to conduct interesting and informative tours and lectures. The area of the aquarium is 3 of 100 square meters, every year it is visited by 1.2 million people.

Its visitors will have the opportunity to admire the most incredible creatures of the deep, who now live in a huge aquarium and watch the stingrays that live in the large outdoor tank. In total, the aquarium has 70 tanks, familiarity with the inhabitants of which it is necessary to spend not one hour. There in the center and “exclusive ride” called the “Night with sharks”. Once a month anyone can spend at the aquarium the night and observe the behavior of its inhabitants after dark.

13. The Siam ocean world, Thailand

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

Year of creation: 2005. Area: 10 000 square meters.

In Bangkok, one of the most popular shopping and entertainment centres Siam Paragon, you can visit the Siam Ocean World, which opened its doors in 2005. It is the largest aquarium in the South-East Asia, here too you can see a huge aquarium with a screen comparable in magnitude to the cinema. Here visitors can see lots of rare inhabitants of the deep sea, including glowing jellyfish, a rare species of tropical fish and sea stars.

The aquarium features an impressive square, which is 10,000 square meters, and the total volume of the tank is 5 million litres. Guests of the Siam Ocean World offer various types of tours, from the classical to the most expensive and exclusive. The latter include special activities, guests can explore the biggest aquarium on the glass bottom boat and enjoy the popular Spa treatment – fish-peeling.

The most curious guests will have the opportunity to visit the most secret corners of the Oceanarium, where you do not allow normal visitors as well as watch a movie in 5D cinema. Rare species of fish that swim vertically, a huge spider crab, blue crabs, and rare and unique species of marine flora are just some of the amazing things that can see the guests of the Oceanarium in Bangkok. Like many aquariums, this is divided into a plurality zones with different tanks, making a tour of it incredibly fascinating.

14. Aqua House, Germany

Подводное царство перед глазами: крупнейшие океанариумы мира. Фото

In search of the original aquarium in the world many travelers go to Berlin. Here is the famous aquarium, Aqua Dom, which is located in the upscale Radisson Blu Hotel is the most important element is its unique interior. The height of this cylindrical aquarium is 16 meters, it is not only decorative but also functional load. Inside a huge cylinder made of durable acrylic, the lift, which for customers and guests is the most thrilling attraction.

The Aqua dome is the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium filled with salt water, as in any true aquarium, swim in it live fish and other inhabitants of the deep sea. The volume of the original aquarium is 1 million litres, enabling it to remain the world champion. Constantly the aquarium hosts about 1.5 million fish, which belong to one hundred different species.

Care for such an unusual piece of decoration requires considerable staff time, physical and financial cost. Since the opening of the aquarium in a luxury hotel permanently staffed by scuba divers who monitor the cleanliness of the aquarium, and fed its inhabitants. The best way to appreciate in all its glory is the most unusual aquarium in Germany – to become a guest of a luxury hotel. Is a huge cylinder in the courtyard, which includes cozy Seating areas, some with elegant rooms also overlook the courtyard.

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