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Under the pretext of gas. Tymoshenko strikes the first blow to President Poroshenko

Под предлогом газа. Тимошенко наносит первый удар по президенту Порошенко

The leader of the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko on 28 September, speaking at a specially convened in Kiev a press-conference, came into open conflict with the competitors in the election campaign and especially with the country’s President Petro Poroshenko

Yulia Tymoshenko is ready to fight for the happiness and welfare of every Ukrainian. About it reminiscent of the movies on TV and the Internet, and billboards on the streets are full of the promise of a bright future. Tymoshenko is back in business — now with its program “New course”, she promised this time for sure not to lose.

On 28 September at a press conference, Tymoshenko was hit with harsh criticism in the address of President Poroshenko, denounced corruption schemes associated with its media business and gas transportation system: “six Months left to President Poroshenko to destroy our country. And the rats, led by our President are already beginning to escape from the ship, but the Ukrainian rat — unusual. They’re taking from the ship all I can carry. What are they doing in the last months of his reign? Such a dembelsky chord! And the main asset we have is our gas transport system. Today it brings $3 billion annually. This is about as much as we spend on the entire defense.”

Earlier the leader of “Batkivshchyna” has registered a draft law “On the protection of national interests in the management of the ownership of the unified gas transportation system of Ukraine”. It is unlikely the Parliament will vote for the document, but the extra PR Tymoshenko does not hurt.

“So I understand that Petro Poroshenko before his people will be removed from the post of President, through shell contractors decided cavity assigned to the gas transportation system. And so they’re going to sell 49% stake in GTS. What to build the same GTS you need to spend about $300 billion. They’re going to take half of the GTS is 20 times cheaper and is estimated at $7 billion. In fact, this is not just theft — it is a Scam of the century! And is covered by this process is very simple: the GTS after starting the “Nord stream – 2″ will turn into scrap metal and we will not have gas that would fill it,” — said Tymoshenko.

According to her, the promise that the GTS of the country will be without the volumes of transported gas — is also a lie: the only chance to fill the pipe as fast as possible to increase Ukrainian gas production.

“In the Ukrainian history there was a time when we used to produce over 60 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Now a little more than 20 billion, but we have the potential…. We have proven reserves — almost a trillion cubic meters. This is enough for dozens of years to fill the transportation system and to fully provide for themselves. And undiscovered, those that we’ve got at least another 5-6 trillion”, she added.

Tymoshenko claims that her new team is ready to restore order and to nationalize the gas transportation system of Ukraine.

“Until the end of the reign of this corrupt government have six months. Six months later, the first thing we’ll do is we eliminate “Naftogaz of Ukraine” as a mediator, which is not necessary”, — said the head of “Batkivshchyna”.

It ensures that “immediately after the people of Ukraine Poroshenko will be removed from the post of President, gas transportation system, like Kryvorizhstal and the Black sea shelf will be returned to the people of Ukraine. And I would argue! Take obligation for yourself…” — said the politician.

Along the way, Tymoshenko also commented on the work of the media business Poroshenko.

“Direct channel” (Direct — Approx. Ed.) the channel is fully working on the “recommendations” Bank”, she said and urged the NAB to investigate the purchase of Petro Poroshenko through nominees TV channel for $10 million.

Timoshenko called and the name of the accomplice in the Scam — Vladimir Makeenko (a former MP from “Party of regions”, in times square, was the acting head of Kyiv city administration).

Not done Tymoshenko no promises in the style of “We will restore order! Justice will be restored!”. In General, the speech of the leader of “Batkivshchyna” has shown that it is in good political shape and ready to fight.

It is obvious that the statement of Tymoshenko herself and the press conference are the elements of its election campaign for the presidency. Everything was pre-conceived and thought out, including the draft law on the GTS. In fact, Tymoshenko chose perfect tactics applying political attacks on Poroshenko and his regime. GTS — “sacred cow” of Ukrainian Constitution (included in the basic law as a national treasure, which is not legally subject to the privatization). Along the way, “stepping” of the President and at the same time pushing his program to strengthen the army (say, to steal decided the country as much as tratyat on the army — though indirectly, but critically).

In fact, this press conference the leader of “Batkivshchyna” announced his entry into the presidential campaign and outlined its main enemy in it — Petro Poroshenko.


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