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Under the Phlegraean fields began to accumulate magma

Под Флегрейскими полями начала накапливаться магмаThe eruption may occur in hundreds or even thousands of years.

Scientists from Switzerland, the UK and Italy analyzed the materials that were formed during previous eruptions of the Phlegraean fields, and found that the volcanoes in the area again preparing for a major eruption. However, according to the researchers, this training can take hundreds and thousands of years.

In the study, researchers analyzed 25 eruptions of the Phlegraean fields, the last of which occurred in 1538. As a result of this eruption was formed the mountain of Monte Nuovo, near Naples. However, this eruption was not the most powerful.

The largest release occurred 39 thousand years ago and was named super eruption of the Phlegraean fields. After him, over Europe and dramatically increased the amount of sulphur: it is absorbed and scattered sunlight, causing temperatures in this region decreased by 5-10 degrees Celsius. Volcanic rocks covered the territory of 3.7 million square kilometers. The layer of ash was up to one meter from southern Italy to Romania. Anthropologists believe that this eruption was one of the main reasons for the extinction of the Neanderthals.

The scientists combined petrological shooting thermomechanical model to determine how magmatic system field shifts from small and frequent eruptions. It turned out that magma, rich in water and carbon dioxide and published in 1538, the same as the one that preceded the super eruption. In their view, these finds prove that the subvolcanic system of the Phlegraean fields has entered a new phase of capacity building. Culminating in a new powerful eruption should occur in the future, but to accurately determine the point in the timeline is impossible.

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