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Under the ice of Antarctica have discovered hundreds of volcanoes

Подо льдами Антарктиды обнаружили около сотни вулкановScientists from Edinburgh University found 91 volcano under the ice of Antarctica.

Found objects can be considered the largest volcanic zone on the planet.

Scientists made the discovery is located under a two-kilometer layer of ice. The predominant height of between 100 metres to 3.85 thousand meters. The volcanic belt is located on the Western edge of the continent. Volcanoes have been detected by radar, mounted on aircraft and land transport.

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Data obtained from the instruments, compared with information from space in order to determine more precisely where there are volcanoes. Robert Bingham, study participant, said that volcanoes are also located under the Plume Ross ice shelf. He believes that in this place there is the highest concentration of such objects.

Prior to this discovery, it was already known that in Antarctica there are 47 volcanoes. Noticed them rising above the ice peaks. Bingham said that if there was an eruption of one of these volcanoes, it will inevitably lead to melting and crack-off the ice sheet. Now scientists have to study the activity of this finding and possible damage from the eruption of these volcanoes.

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