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Under the Ground discovered a huge number of new living beings

Под Землей обнаружено огромное количество новых живых существ

The opening of the annual conference of the American geophysical Union, scientists announced their discovery. “Land inhabited by a great number of living beings.”


Researchers under the leadership of Cara Magnabosco from new York say that the population of the depths of the continents in 1029 (one hundred trillion quadrillion) cells. Underground “live” the most interesting and poorly studied microbes. Scientists from Tennessee argue that baboutmost of these living organisms are simply unknown to scientists, these groups of organisms has not been studied and researchers can’t cultivate them in the laboratory. Rather, it is bacteria and archaea. It is in the depths of the planet will be able to detect unknown and the earliest origins of the tree of life.

“Deep carbon Observatory” has been running for ten years and includes more than three hundred researchers from around the world. Information about the unknown organisms is confirmed from all points of the world where scientists drilled. Living organisms were found at depths up to 5 km below the earth’s surface and more than 10 km beneath the surface of the oceans. To this day the most enduring of all organisms is Archean Geogemma barossii, it can survive at +121°C.

Underground organisms undoubtedly take an important part of our life. This news wouldn’t be so interesting if not for the fact that, apparently, the same underground microbes inhabit all layers of basalt at the Earth from Canada to Africa. Unknown source of energy for such of the inhabitants of the underworld. Maybe it was hydrogen or methane. Or the energy of radioactive decay. It is also interesting how they got there: did life start on the planet with them, or they penetrated into the depth of the cortex at a later date?

And, of course, if in the bowels of the Earth live still unknown organisms, respectively, it is necessary to assume that on other planets, they also have. On Mars, Venus and mercury have no life, but this does not mean that it is not in them.

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