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Under the Donetsk two women tried to kill themselves

Под Запорожьем две женщины пытались убить себяAll the circumstances are PE are investigated.

Under the Donetsk two women tried to commit suicide.

The details of the incident with the shared by the head of the independent trade Union of workers of the ambulance Anatoly Sidorenko.

So, about the first suicide attempt, the doctors learned yesterday, on March, 28th, in Victory street in Donetsk. 33-year-old woman took some pills. She was taken to a city mental hospital.

The second case occurred after lunch in Volnyansk area. To commit suicide is tried 51-year-old resident of the village trudoliubivka. She attempted to poison herself with rat poison.

As we wrote earlier, in Kiev, the car flew into the underpass.

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