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Under the ban trump were the owners of green cards

Под запрет Трампа попали обладатели грин-картThe citizens of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen 90 days are prohibited to visit the United States.

The ban on entry into the United States to residents of seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population will also apply to holders of green cards (permanent residency in USA), reported in the U.S. Department of homeland security.

“The ban will be imposed in respect of holders of a green card,” affirmed the representative of the Agency, Gillian Christensen.

Thus, the citizens of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Sudan who have a green card, leaving outside the USA will not be able to return to the country.

As reported by Bi-bi-si in the US state Department, the Agency is working immediate implementation of the ban.

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Earlier it became known that Donald trump has discontinued indefinitely the admission of Syrian refugees into the country, and froze for 120 days program of accepting refugees from other countries.

This week, the media reported that in addition to the interruption of the reception of refugees, intended to introduce a moratorium on the entry of citizens of seven Muslim countries (Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Syria).

On Saturday the Agency reported that residents in seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population, in respect of which a ban on the entry of the United States, faced with failures if you buy tickets in the U.S. and when flights to the United States.

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The UN and several European countries have urged Washington to reconsider its decision to stop accepting refugees and to deny the people of Syria and another six countries entry into the United States.

The text of the decree trump the suspension of the program of reception of refugees States that the United States will take no more than 50 thousand refugees in the 2017 financial year, the priority will be given to refugees persecuted for religious reasons.

According to the correspondent Bi-bi-si, if the US will accept refugees based on their religion, Washington may violate international law guaranteeing equal protection to refugees regardless of their religion, nationality and race.

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