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Under Ternopil scientists made the Grand opening

Под Тернополем ученые сделали грандиозное открытиеCavers found the largest underground lake of Ukraine.

In the Ternopol area in the cave with the status of the longest in Europe, the explorers discovered a large underground lake.

Unique Optymistychna cave, located near the village of Korolivka, Borshchiv district, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary since the opening.

Annually experts during speleonectidae found here all new moves, so today the cave is the longest in Europe. And among the gypsum caves Optimistic – the longest on the planet. Branching moves in her reach 260 km.

In its jubilee year the cave, previously considered almost barren, gave our researchers a lot of underground lakes. The work was carried out in the direction of “North”.

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One after another opened lake, a Dream, a Particle of God, five-pointed, Perm, Fricke, Mystic, Kichinica and lake Microns. The latter, according to experts, claims to be the largest underground lake of Ukraine. Its depth reaches 5-6 meters, a surface area of about 500 square meters of Crystal clear water has a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius.

Discovered lake Lutsk speleologist Igor trotsuk in April. According to the researcher, to the lake we have to go only on his knees for two hours. Hard work in spring has yielded unexpected results suddenly opened a hole in the new hall. Caver almost “fell out” on the shore of a pristine lake. This is the first such a large pond in the cave. Today, cave exploring lake people are very rare specialty – speleodiver. With godovikam, in suits and with oxygen tanks trying to get the lake under water.

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