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Uncover the secret super powers of dinosaurs

Раскрыт секрет суперсилы динозавровThe dinosaurs were the same complex and efficient respiratory system.

An international team of scientists found that dinosaurs had a unique dual system of breathing, which helped them to run fast and fight.

The paper was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, and briefly about it tells Science. Scientists have found that it gave the dinosaurs a huge energy.

It is known that in the Mesozoic era the air was saturated with oxygen less than now – 10-15 percent compared to 20 in our time.

However, even in such circumstances, the dinosaurs felt themselves masters of the planet. For example, the VelociRaptor could reach speeds up to 64 km/h. According to researchers, the secret weapon of ancient dinosaurs had their respiratory system – superlungs.

The team under Professor William Sellers from University of Manchester (UK) created a series of three-dimensional models. The respiratory system of dinosaurs, recreated on the basis of previous studies of fossils, compared with the respiratory organs of the modern inhabitants of the Earth.

It turned out that the respiratory system of birds and ancient dinosaurs are very similar. Unique structure of the vertebrae and ribs of dinosaurs and helped capture light, making them hard. Additional support was provided by the so-called connector – musculoskeletal joint at the junction of the ribs and vertebrae.
Such a device provides a continuous flow of oxygen and inhale, and exhale. Accordingly, required less energy for breathing. When this light is literally bathed with oxygen.

“Dinosaurs were the same complex and efficient respiratory system, like modern birds, says study co-author Robert Blackhurst. – This explains why dinosaurs were able to dominate and spread across the planet, despite the rarefied air of the Mesozoic”.

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