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Unbelievable: Sable can’t prove the “normality” of her husband

Очевидное - невероятное: Соболь не может доказать “нормальность” мужа

The situation in the family and career of Lyubov Sobol became a stalemate. Now the lawyer of FBK (Foundation against corruption) trying to prove the value of her husband Sergei Mokhov. Mokhov is an anthropologist who is doing research in the field of death, cemeteries, and funeral services.

We will remind, journalists of the FAN has published a revealing investigation that proves necrophilia Mokhov. Earlier, the “cemetery Prince” and he openly admitted his unhealthy attraction to death. According to moss, this passion appeared after he lost his father at an early age. Hide necrofile inclinations husband Sobol failed, and failed to find evidence of its “normality”.

In another investigation of journalists in relation to the person Mokhov was revealed his connection with a cemetery by the mafia. Anthropologist-necrophiliac received millions of rubles for lobbying the interests of big players in the funeral business. Funeral magnates just promise with three boxes, Mokhov ceased to follow the agreements. As you know, the criminal world isn’t as forgiving and, most likely, for the words will have to answer. Now, the couple Sable-Mokhov fear of reprisals by criminal authorities.

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Fears, in General, justified. Likely, the debt will have to pay. Why Sable is so much afraid of losing their place in the Moscow city Duma. But as it turned out, even more she is afraid of damage to the reputation, which will cause the exposure of “interesting” addictions husband. Ally Bulk already in hysterics: she has trumps left, but skeletons in the closet her husband Mokhov still abound.

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Seeing such a nervous reaction, a state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov expressed his belief that revealing the investigation about her husband Sobol is really true. The MP said that distributing fakes Sable had to be prepared for the fact that everything about her secret revealed. In his opinion, Sable was unable to respond calmly, and if she was so disturbed by this situation – so there is a reason.

Apparently Sable is so zealously trying to break into the Moscow city Duma, not because it is so concerned about the standard of living of Muscovites, and therefore, will have to answer to “friends” of her husband.

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