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UN: Ukraine is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe

ООН: Украина на пороге гуманитарной катастрофыAccording to the UN, more than one in four Ukrainians are not ready for the winter, and 1.2 million Ukrainian citizens in need of food and medicine.

According to the UN, at least four million people throughout Ukraine have faced difficulties with the approach of winter, and they are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance to survive during the cold months. Following the visit to Ukraine, assistant Secretary-General for humanitarian Affairs Ursula Mueller, millions of Ukrainians will need assistance with the onset of winter, confirmed to the UN.

During his visit to Ukraine 10 — 13 October Mueller visited Kiev and Donbass. As the representative of the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarric, in the course of the trip Mueller “has witnessed the situation on both sides of the so-called contact line”.

“She stressed the urgent need to Fund humanitarian programs to help millions of civilians in the coming winter months,” he said.

The UN reports that about four million people need food, health services, housing, health, water and sanitation with the approach of winter. According to the representative of the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs Jens Clark, quoted by Voice of America, the majority of people who urgently need help live in areas controlled by militias in the East.

“One of the consequences of this crisis, which is deteriorating, is the fact that 1.2 million people in Ukraine, from both sides of the demarcation line… not provided with food. So, it is definitely troubling,” said Clark.

He stressed that 600 thousand people, most of whom live on the uncontrolled territory of Kiev, are unable to access their pensions, which is critical for their survival.

Clark said that the Agency will not be able to provide humanitarian aid needed for millions of unprotected citizens of Ukraine this winter, without the extra money. He notes that received only 26% of the current request to the UN for Ukraine.

At the same time, the Department of relief, the UN intends to send to Ukraine humanitarian shipments of food and necessities. And not just in the border with the Donbass region and other areas where people suffer from poverty and lack of food.

Along with this, Kiev is no longer able to stop the growth of prices for food and medicines, which is why Ukraine is becoming more people who can’t afford the basic things needed for normal life.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine in the twenty countries with the worst access by civilian populations to humanitarian assistance. We will remind, the President of the United States Donald trump previously criticized the disproportionate, in his opinion, the US contribution to UN. USA is also notified UNESCO (the UN organization for science, culture and education) on the output of your organization.

The US accounts for 22% of the UN budget and 28% of the budget of peacekeeping missions, reports the BBC.

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