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UN: number of victims of the war in the Donbass exceeded 40 thousand

ООН: количество жертв войны на Донбассе превысило 40 тысячOf these, about 13 000 dead.

Among the victims of the conflict there were 12,8-13 thousand dead. Of these, 3320 civilians, including the 298 passengers of flight MH17, 4 thousands of Ukrainian military and 5.5 thousand militants of the armed groups.

According to the UN, about 27.5-30 thousand people for a specified time were injured, including 7.9 thousand civilians, 9-10 thousand of the Ukrainian military and 12-13 thousand fighters.

Thus, during the conflict, the proportion of dead and injured among the civilian population is 25-26%. In 2014, this indicator remained at the level of 33-34%, that is one dead civilian had two dead combatants. And in 2018, this number amounted to 10-11%. Also changed the statistics on the wounded.

Recall, according to the Ministry of social policy, as of August 2018 in Ukraine was registered 1 million 518 thousand internally displaced persons – refugees from Russia-occupied Crimea and Donbas.

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