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Ulyana Suprun disproved the myth about vaccination

Ульяна Супрун опровергла миф о вакцинации The acting Minister continues to educate people in Facebook.

Ulyana Suprun, acting head of the Ministry of health of Ukraine debunked the common myth that flu vaccines can infect humans.

“It placed inactivated (dead) virus. He can’t infect the human body, but only teaches the immune system to defend itself,” wrote Suprun. She also stated that the flu vaccine is absolutely safe for humans, and all cases of this disease after vaccination, you do not have any relation to it. So, for example, among the many arguments Suprun said, is that often the immunity after vaccination is fully formed after 2-3 weeks.

But, even those people who were vaccinated and had undergone a period of formation of immunity in the body may produce insufficient amounts of antibodies, resulting in the risk of Contracting the flu.

“Vaccinated people this flu will pass like the common cold and, most importantly, without complications, which are the most dangerous consequence of influenza, and in some cases lead to the death of a man,” warned the acting Minister.

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