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Ukravtodor “will please” the drivers of the new rules

Укравтодор "обрадует" водителей новыми правиламиBefore “a Zebra” it will be necessary to reduce speed.

The state Agency of highways of Ukraine (“Ukravtodor”) intends to introduce a requirement to reduce speed of vehicles before pedestrian crossings ground to 50 km/h.

This requirement is contained in the recommendations of the international consulting company COWI on the issues of road safety and the European investment Bank.

This will reduce accidents on the roads and, consequently, to preserve the life and health of citizens.

The main problems in Ukraine, international experts remain high the speed limit in settlements is 60, 90 and 110 km/h, the actual high-speed, free access of pedestrians to the roads (even on roads with 4-6 lanes), the absence of settlements of sidewalks and pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk, a large number of transitions in one level and few transitions in different levels.

Priority insurance pedestrians on the road is to reduce speed on ground crossings – up to 50 km/h and less.

At the conclusion of the international experts, “pedestrian knocked down by a car at 60 km/h has a chance to survive only in 30% of cases, and at the speed of 50 km/h the chance of survival is increased twice – up to 60%”.

Among the main recommendations of the international auditors security – containment of flow in the settlements (reduction of speed, number and width of lanes), making the principal decision on regulation of mixed flow in human settlements, prioritization of traffic (the lack of direct access, guards in the settlements).

The study, in particular, the world Bank, indicate a low level of security on the roads of Ukraine and one of the world’s highest levels of injuries and deaths on the roads.

Last year on Ukrainian roads killed 4 003 people and affected more than 31 600 people, the total annual losses from accidents in Ukraine is about 40 billion hryvnia.

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