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Ukrainians will soon see an unusual cosmic phenomenon

Украинцы скоро увидят необычный космический феноменThis spring, the Ukrainians will be able to see Venus even in the daytime with the naked eye

24 March in the sky can be observed the phenomenon which is called “double the visibility of Venus”.

Astronomers explained that Venus will be exactly between the Sun to the Earth that will allow to consider even its a relief to everyone. After sunset it will be visible especially clearly.

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Using a telescope you can even see the change of time of day on the second planet of the Solar system. It will resemble the moon, and then begin to glow a grey color with a hint of yellow. This amazing sight will last less than a minute. After the “double visibility” to the nearest fall of Venus would only be seen in the morning.

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To cost to remind that the past “Double the visibility of Venus” could be observed in October 2016.

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