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Ukrainians will increase pension: who and how

Украинцам повысят пенсии: кому и насколькоThe money for the recalculation of pensions, the Cabinet plans to receive for the expense of an overfulfillment of the budget of the Pension Fund.

The majority of Ukrainians “retirement” receive less than 1500 UAH, the minimum pension at the moment – 1247, and a maximum of 58.7 thousand. This year the government announces the increase of pensions 10.1% (in may and December), and the scale of “modernity”.

Journalists learned how to get rich Ukrainians retired in 2017.

How and to whom will recalculate pensions
Pension of Ukrainians depends on three indicators: the average wage in the country at the time when he retired, length of service and the ratio of own wage to the average. Given that the average salary is growing every year, the pensions of Ukrainians need to “modernize”. The last time this “modernity” occurred in the 2012 year. During this time the average salary in Ukraine increased two times, the result of millions of Ukrainians “retirement” have calculated the amount of pension below the subsistence minimum. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the Ministry of social policy, the pension calculated taking into account the average salary 1917,91 hryvnia. For example, the pension for the Ukrainian, who has worked for 35 years and received an average salary, can be calculated as: 1917,91 * 1 * 0,47 = 901,4 hryvnia. Given that the pension age in Ukraine can not be lower than 1247 hryvnia, the hryvnia 345,6 pay from the Pension Fund.

Last year the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva announced the coming of “modernity” of pensions based on the new average wage. As the source told “Today” in the working group of the Ministry for the preparation of the “modernization”, the pension will increase based on the average salary 3764 UAH. The coefficient of insurance will be reduced from 1.35 to 1.

After “modernizing” the same pension will be recalculated according to the formula: P = 3764 * 1* 0,35 = 1317 UAH. However, if wages, for example, was twice the national average, is now retired (with 35 years of experience) gets 1800 hryvnia, and after the “modernization” will be to 2634 hryvnia.

The Ministry of social policy plans to increase pensions for 5,6 million Ukrainians (in Ukraine 11.9 million pensioners). Some pensioners after “modernizing” will receive two times more. So, more than 1,000 hryvnia rich 1.1 million pensioners. Increase from 900 to 1000 hryvnia unable to 487 thousand pensioners, from 700 to 800 UAH 460 thousand. The rest (and more than 3.5 million Ukrainians) the pension will rise from 50 to 700 hryvnia.

“If we are talking about the fact that in the year we have assigned approximately 450-500 new pensions, of course, all those who were appointed before 2016, are inconsistent with the newly appointed pensions. If we have 12 million pensioners, you can calculate how much we need to modernize. It is clear that each pensioner individually. It is clear that if the updating will be done, will be done for each pensioner, depending on salary and seniority,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the Pension Fund Nikolay Saber.

“It is clear that the modernizing not everyone will get a raise, because sometimes due to different bonuses pension is bigger than when modernizing. This also is”, – said Mykola Saber.

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