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Ukrainians warned of the return of the fraud schemes from the 90s

Украинцев предупредили о возвращении схемы мошенничества из 90-хScammers debts require fake receipts.

In Ukraine revived the old form of fraud comes from the 90’s, which is the requirement of debts for fake receipts.

In particular, people forge documents and signatures, then go to court. According to journalists, in the last two years of such precedents have already hundreds more (to see the video, prostrate to the end of the page).

“Former employees of the enterprises were illegal by the signatures of the Directors or other founders, and then falsified the text, like the specified person lent him money. And then he went to the court in order to claim these funds,” – said the lawyer Alexander Gladius.

A businessman from Dnipropetrovsk oblast Oleg Moroz was in a similar situation. According to him, former partners on the computer printed out a receipt with a fake painting, without witnesses, and then filed a lawsuit demanding the amount that was spelled out in the document handle. The second ex-partner just forged paper, signed and printed agreement under which borrowed a large sum of money.

“Having all the documents, knowing all the information – such things happen. Previously selected plants, and now switched to private individuals – prominent buildings, nice apartments. I hope for some taxed, or fully to take the property,” – said the businessman.

One court has satisfied the claim from a resident of Prague. To convince the judge it was easy, because his term of office comes to an end. It is noted that the firm which conducted a review of the receipts and recognized that the handwriting belongs to frost, is private. However, this procedure should pursue a public institution.

The firm said that used a certified expert of the Kiev Institute of forensic examinations, although it is prohibited. The property, which the judge was arrested to enforce a claim evaluated without a sign, which contains the list of the state property Fund as one that has signs of fraudulent.

By law, to assess the property you need with the permission of the owner, but the frost didn’t know his hotel, gymnasium and several apartments in Camenca been evaluated by people in Kiev, which did not come from his office.

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