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Ukrainians warned of rains

Украинцев предупредили о затяжных дождяхThe whole week will be wet.

The start of the first month of the calendar winter has already managed to surprise Ukrainians with frost, thaw, snow, slush. However, this December’s surprises don’t end here, because the forecasters predict rain and snow across the country.

According to “Reuters”, on Sunday, 9 December, throughout the territory of Ukraine are expected rainfall. Only in the West and South of the country will pass rains, and in the center, on the North and East of sleet is expected.

The temperature on this day in the North, East and centre in the daytime will be from 1 to 3 degrees Celsius, and at night from 1 to 5 degrees below zero. Slightly warmer will be in the territory of Western Ukraine: 3 to 5 with a mark “plus” in the afternoon and from 1 to warmth 1 frost night. But in the South of Ukraine forecasters expect the highest temperatures: from 4 to 7 in the afternoon heat (and in the Crimea, and to +9) and 2-4 above zero the thermometer will show at night.

The beginning of a new work week did not change much of the temperature pattern in the daytime frosty temperatures is not expected in any region of Ukraine, but a small minus (1-3 degrees) the thermometer will show in the East, West, North and center of the country.

In addition, precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow are expected in all regions of Ukraine except Mykolaiv and Odessa regions.

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The weather forecast for Thursday, 13 Dec 2018
Tuesday, 11 December, heavy snowfall and rains will be in the North, East and South of the country. On the territory of Western Ukraine and the center is also expected snowfall, but not as abundant.

The temperature on this day in the West, the North and center of Ukraine will be from 0 to 2 heat in the daytime and 1-3 frost at night. In the East and South of the country, forecasters predict more warm weather: 3-5 degrees below plus the thermometer will show in the afternoon, and from 0 to 2 Celsius at night.

Wednesday, December 12, the temperature pattern did not change, and the country will continue to pour rain with sleet. In this case, the heavy snowfalls are expected in the East, North and center of Ukraine.

Only on Thursday, December 13, forecasters expect a slight clearing of the sky in the South and center of Ukraine, but already on Friday, 14 December, and the rest of the week, snow and rain will continue to pour the entire country

Украинцев предупредили о затяжных дождях
Украинцев предупредили о затяжных дождях
Украинцев предупредили о затяжных дождях
Украинцев предупредили о затяжных дождях
Украинцев предупредили о затяжных дождях

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