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Ukrainians warned of questionable purchase of medicines in pharmacies

Украинцев предостерегли от покупки сомнительных лекарств в аптеках The health Ministry said that the Ukrainian pharmacies filled with drugs with unproven efficacy.

The health Ministry warns Ukrainians from buying drugs with unproven efficacy. This was reported on the official website of the Ministry.

“Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population prefers self-diagnosis, self-prescription of drugs, guided by television advertising, with the advice of friends and pharmacists who often collaborate with pharmaceutical companies. Because of this, in pharmacies sold a large number of so-called peplomycin drugs that do not exist in other countries and whose effectiveness is not proven. These drugs generally should not be prescribed or recommended by a doctor,” – noted in the Ministry of health.

The Ministry said that all medicines are divided into two categories: prescription and non-prescription physician.

Medicines that are dispensed on prescription, require medical supervision during the process of their application, in particular because of their possible toxicity, or the presence of significant side effects, or specific method use.

Remedies, over-the-counter, are used to alleviate/eliminate certain symptoms, the presence of which every person is able to determine on their own. Such medications are accompanied by simple instructions, are safe and effective.

In most developed countries, without a prescription to buy such medicines, ophthalmic products, analgesics, products for improving sleep, anti-nausea, diarrhoea, hemorrhoids, colds and cough, hyperacidity and others.

“The Ministry calls not to follow the beautiful promotional picture or non-professional advice during the selection of medicines and not to waste money on drugs whose effectiveness is not proven. A balanced approach to the choice of drugs; seek accurate information about the methods and means of treatment; use international practices based on the methods of evidence – based medicine,” urged Ukrainians in the Ministry.

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