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Ukrainians warned of approaching hurricane

Украинцев предупредили о приближении ураганаWind speeds will increase to 30 meters per second

October 6, Ukrainians should be cautious in the country is a hurricane.

Forecasters predict gusts of wind, and sometimes he will grow up to the criteria of a natural disaster. Eight regions of Western Ukraine tonight (5 October), forecasters predict an increase in wind speed of 30 meters per second. And tomorrow the storm will come in the center and North of the country. In Kiev and nine Central and Northern areas will be a hurricane up to 24 meters per second. On the South and East of the country is expected up to 20 meters.

“Formed a cyclonic vortex. To be honest, somewhat unexpected for us. We expected his education, but not so active. It will not be very significant in size but extremely active vortex, which with a great speed of 100 miles per hour moved in the Eastern direction,” – said Director of Ukrainian hydrometeorological center Mykola Kulbida.

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