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Ukrainians warned about the activation of the “window” Scam

Украинцев предупредили об активизации "оконных" мошенниковSpeculators often get into apartments of the Ukrainians, under the pretext of free repair of Windows.

Ukrainian scammers have invented another way of taking money from citizens. They offer the citizens to repair old or install new Windows, and sign bogus contracts, taking advance payment for work and disappear. Recently such cases have become much more. The attackers appear on behalf of the firms, which do not exist in nature, told legal market participants.

About the real extent of fraud is difficult to judge, as pseudodementia are not advertised openly, and you calling victims on the phone. Some what is called “footwork”, bypassing all the houses in the hope of meeting a gullible grandmother. There is also a category of “repairmen” who hunt for their victims in the shops, markets, etc. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Sometimes, scammers are calling and the legal staff of window firms.

“In recent years, such cases have become frequent. Even our employees periodically received SMS messages and calls to personal numbers with offers to provide a “window service”. But as soon as the scammers have learned that talking with the representatives of the window of the company, immediately hung up. But from our customers we know that some people are victims of scams,” — said the head of Department of direct sales of the company “Vikna Online” Veronica Mezhova.

According to experts, the “target audience” of criminals are gullible pensioners. Sometimes scammers hide behind names of companies that have been working officially on the market.

“There are some real emergency, and even a mobile terminal with them. Submitted by some social workers under the state program of warm loans and offer the glazing. They perform obligations of an agreement to install Windows, but do not prescribe the exact configuration, this means that the customer pays for expensive and warm Windows and to get Windows for unheated spaces (cheap three-chamber profile with a single-chamber double-glazed window without energy saving),” warns the owner of the company “the First Window of the Bureau” Roman Lozitsky.

The net profit of such scams is 90% or more, and the customer then wonders why he misted Windows to be warmer in the room did not, and in the winter the glass covered with ice at-10C and below.

As told CEO of the company “” Andrew Laslo, the main task of attacker is to get into the apartment under the pretext of free adjustment of Windows. And then act according to circumstances. But the main goal is to draw out the maximum amount, which is in the house.

“Working under the old scheme 5 steps/8 steps, which is common in Ukraine since the 90-ies. It offered sets of teleshopping, Chinese teapots, washing machines and many other broken things. Offer credit on the spot (with a terminal) and many people agree, while not checking the real price of Windows and is not interested in the complete set. The amount of losses according to our calculations can be from 5 thousand to 30 thousand UAH”, — says Lozitsky.

However, legal firm, too, practice a free service of Windows. Here only, as a rule, they call up people who are already their customers.

The fact that after the installation of metal structures, they are given some time on the shrinkage of the valves, then you need to properly adjust all elements of the hardware that they worked properly is negotiated in the process of conclusion of the contract, and the service of master after adjustment advises how to take care of all components of the design.

“Most companies conduct such promotion to their customers. To remember which company you ordered the window is not always easy. If there is even the slightest doubt that this is not your firm — don’t settle for the “free lunch”. Do not let into the house of strangers,” warns Leso.

Legal companies can sign contracts when measuring, but for this technologist should have with them copies of statutory documents certified by the seal, a formal agreement with the wet seal, account details, current phone numbers, etc.

The client be given a form of measurement, which is an integral part of the agreement, which will contain complete product: dimensions, profile, glass, hardware and accessories and services. And after making the payment, you must issue a receipt.

“After installing Windows should be carefully check whether the design is provided in the form of measurement. Installation crew should demonstrate these points. If you have no claims sign the certificate of completion and give the rest of the money,” said Lozitsky.

To protect against fraud, the experts strongly recommend a detailed study of information about the company, visit her website, and even better office, read the reviews.

“You should request certificates for all products, to enter into a formal contract for the provision of services, and most importantly — do not send money to strangers house without documents and witnesses. A serious company will always be glad to see you in the office and will answer all your questions,” says Mezhova.

While Mezhova added that very careful you should be not only window companies. Scammers are constantly expanding the list of “services”. Now they are actively exploiting communal issues. “Replacement of Windows and balconies, and replacement of meters, social currency exchange” — lists Mezhova.

But the risk of running into just “Windows” Scam is because the demand for plastic Windows remains high. From year to year the number of people willing to replace old Windows is growing. This became especially urgent with the rising cost of utilities and the fashion for energy efficiency, it is believed that it is through the window loses the most heat.

Ukrainians and those who have the money for new Windows is not enough, think about repairing the old one. “In 2016, the demand for new Windows increased by about 12%, but also are interested in repair, especially in the cold season,” said, Leso.

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