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Ukrainians told me where to relax in the waiting bezveza

Украинцам подсказали, где отдохнуть в ожидании безвизаIn these countries, visa is not required.

Many look forward to the entry into force of visa-free regime with the European Union, which should happen in June. However, citizens of Ukraine have many opportunities to travel around the world without visas now.

In 2017 the number of countries where citizens of Ukraine can stay without a visa for up to 90 days, is 29.

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To go to any of them, you only need a valid passport.

To allocate among them are popular tourist destinations:

The most friendly to Ukrainians in terms of visa-free stay on its territory are: Georgia – stay up to a year, another South American country of Peru (to 183 days) and the Republic of Fiji (up to 120 days).

In General, in 2017, the Ukrainians without a visa you can visit 54 countries. Among which, for example, such exotic countries as the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vanuatu, Antigua and Barbuda (up to 30 days of stay). Without a visa to visit Hong Kong. However, to stay on the territory of this state to citizens of Ukraine is possible only until 14 days. Although tourists this should be enough.

Also, there are 34 countries where Ukrainians can get a visa directly upon arrival, that is at the airport. The length of stay in these countries are different, and the visa is not always free. For example, in Bolivia it will cost $ 52 dollars, and in Thailand – $ 60.

Украинцам подсказали, где отдохнуть в ожидании безвиза

Also on the same principle, you can visit such exotic places as Mauritius, Mauritania, Maldives, East Timor. Of course it is necessary to understand that in most of these countries the tickets are worth a lot of money.

And good to know: in 19 countries, including Australia, India, Mexico, visas can be obtained via the Internet or by mail without a trip to the Embassy. Of course, each of these countries, the individual requirements documents and the visa application fee.

Украинцам подсказали, где отдохнуть в ожидании безвиза

And don’t forget that after the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU, which should come into effect in June of 2017, citizens of Ukraine will be able to enter without a visa to all the member States of the European Union (except UK and Ireland) and in 4 of the state associate members of the Schengen agreement: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

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