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Ukrainians told me how to choose a used car

Украинцам рассказали, как выбрать подержанный автомобильThe used car market we have a very developed.

How to protect yourself from buying avtohlama? Frankly, the real problem can be seen immediately, but if you put quite a bit of effort, cute at first glance, the purchase can be considered an investment gap. You can use the services of a dealer to buy a car only if you have warranty.

If you decided to deal with the issue on their own, especially if this is your first purchase must be at least a little prepared. An ideal variant – purchase of the popular and not too old model. If you wish to acquire more exclusive car, you need to enlist the support of a specialist. However, it is amazing how often motorists ignore even a cursory examination.

The engine and transmission
Check out the engine. Integrity, the condition of the head gasket cylinder, please rate the level of oil and note the colour of the smoke exhaust. This element is absolutely basic test, but the car in poor condition will be seen immediately. You will never find it if you don’t open the hood to conduct a basic inspection.

Be sure to rate the clarity and smoothness of gear shifting. If you are not satisfied with something, it will not be changed in everyday use, if only we are not talking about a really old car that has not been used for a long time. But in this case, a vehicle inspection is a more specific and complicated procedure.

The condition of the body
Inspect the body on the subject of quick and poor paint (and its causes). You’d be surprised how many motorists in a hurry to paint before selling their cars. Inspect the body very carefully, it’s not that hard. Quality repairs unimaginably expensive, but cheap the result is noticeable immediately. Corrosion also has not been canceled, pay attention to the inspection thresholds and wheel arches. Also examine the condition of the tyres, e.g. tread depth: if the rubber is almost smooth, this may indicate that the driver does not particularly care about the replacement consumables in your car…

Now, let us very seriously. 100 thousand km mileage at which the technical part of a car can be in almost new condition, after 300 thousand car can look only at 200. Therefore, the most interesting interior. If you find, for example, cracked leather upholstery or malfunctioning latch of the glove box – this car may not be the mileage of about a hundred thousand kilometers. This discrepancy is a reason to abandon the purchase. Of course, don’t forget to pay attention to the gauges and various readings.

The rest – all as always: test drive, review of documents, service history. Do not forget that in case of purchasing a used car from a private individual the buyer is responsible for Troubleshooting.

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