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Ukrainians told me how martial law has affected their lives. Video

Украинцы рассказали, как военное положение отразилось на их жизни. ВидеоAccording to experts, people calmed down.

Martial law, declared on 28 October in some regions of Ukraine, do not really affect the lives of ordinary people in the country.

This is stated in the plot of “Perch about smut”.

For example, in Chernigov, from whose border with Russia is only 90 km away, people are preparing for Christmas holidays: in the main square was set a Christmas tree, the city is decorated with festive lights, the shelves filled.

“I’m retired, so basically I sit at home. And when going out, just out. There are no restrictions,” – said a local pensioner.

But in sums the dollar is slightly higher than in other regions. But other aspects of life military position is not affected. Except for those who have relatives in Russia. Because the boundary for able-bodied men under lock and key.

“To me the son had from Russia to come for the New year, and is now forced to take the tickets back,” complained one resident Sums.

In Odessa people also do not panic. The only thing that food prices jumped a little. But the reason for this is not martial law.

“Prices are rising due to frost. For example, potato prices rose, pepper ends. Prices rose about 20%. That winter, it had remained. For example, what was the price of garlic, and remains so,” says the seller Galina.

“In Russia they say that we’re out of “salt”. We really ended “salt”, but we have a “SIL” jokes another from Odessa.

According to experts, people calmed down, because I realized that the reasons to panic because of the military situation there.

“All the products available and the price has not increased. You can easily move around the country, there are no transport restrictions. Tickets at the box office present. Everyone can withdraw funds from banks and to put”, – said political analyst Viktor Taran.

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