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Ukrainians told me about the major changes in 2018

Украинцам рассказали о главных изменениях в 2018 годуTo live is not easy.

We have decided to recall 20 important changes that entered into force on 1 January 2018.

1. In Ukraine on 523 of the hryvnia has increased the minimum wage – now she is 3723 UAH per month. The minimum hourly wage from 1 January is 22,41 UAH.

2. Compared to 1 January 2017 increased cost of living – 156 UAH. Now it is 1700 UAH, for children up to six years – 1492 UAH, for children from six to 18 years – 1860 UAH, for able-bodied persons – UAH 1762, and for those who have lost the health – 1373 UAH.

3. Entered into force a new system of calculating pensions. Now the minimum amount of insurance required for retirement is 25 years (before that – 15 years – ed.). The next 10 years (up to 2028, the year), the minimum contribution period for retirement will increase each year by one year. This change was introduced in the framework of the pension reform. Insurance experience you can also buy by paying appropriate contributions into the Pension Fund, the minimum insurance fee – 22% of the minimum wage, a month of insurance is 44% of the minimum wage. The minimum pension from January 1 – UAH 1373.

4. From 1 January increased pensions of military pensioners and other security forces – the average amount of increase 1, 5 thousand UAH. Pensions will increase individually depending on length and size allowance. The average military pension will increase by 62%, while the civilian pension is only 30%. At the same time, Parliament has not yet adopted a law on increasing pensions to military.

5. From January 1, started healthcare reform.

6. Since January 1, the enterprises that provide services, started on the monetization of subsidies they will receive real funds from the state.

7. At the same time the Cabinet has reduced social norms on electricity consumption.

In residential premises (homes) they will be 70 kilovattchasov per month for a household of one person + 30 kilovattchasov per month for each member of the family (household) but not more than 190 kilovattchasov per month.
In residential areas, equipped with stationary electric stoves under a centralized supply of hot water – 110 kilovattchasov per month for a household of one person + 30 kilovattchasov per month for each other member of the family or household, but not more than 230 kilovattchasov per month.
In residential areas, equipped with stationary electric stoves in the absence of Central hot water supply – 130 kilovattchasov per month for a household of one person + 30 kilovattchasov per month for every other family member, but not more than 250 kilovattchasov per month.
In homes not equipped with stationary electric stoves in the absence of centralized hot water and gas vodonagreval device 100 kilovattchasov for a household of one person + 30 kilovattchasov for each other family member, but not more than 220 kilovattchasov per month.
In villages and TOWN citizens, which the state in accordance with the legislation provides bezoplatnoe lighting housing 30 kilovattchasov per month per person.
Recipients of subsidies and benefits will have to pay more for electricity if you exceed these standards.

8. From 1 January enter into force provision of the new law On education according to which teachers with the lowest qualification category must raise wages to the level of four times the subsistence minimum, that is, to 6.8 thousand UAH.

Begins to operate the new system of allowances.

9. The maximum permitted speed of vehicles in the settlements decreased from 60 km/h to 50 km/h to Exceed this limit is permitted only at 9 km/h. otherwise, the driver faces 3,4 thousand UAH of a penalty.

10. From January 1, Russians and stateless persons from 70 countries have started to operate new rules of crossing the border. In particular, at checkpoints while control will record biometric data (fingerprints). The data will transmit into the National system of verification and identification of citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and persons without citizenship. It will allow you to control the timing of finding foreigners on the territory of Ukraine. The system is also connected to the Interpol.

11. Japan has simplified visa regime for Ukrainians, expanding the range of applicants entitled to multiple-entry visa for a short stay for business purposes and for figures of culture and science. The maximum validity of visas has been increased from 3 to 5 years.

There will also be introduced multiple-entry visas with a validity of 3 years and maximum period of stay of 30 days for a short stay for different purposes, including for tourism.

12. From 1 January, once again increased the excise tax on cigarettes, which should lead to their rise in price by 2-7 UAH depending on the brand.

13. From 1 January 2018 Ukrtelecom increased the price of fixed telephony by 7-15%. For urban residents fee rate Home unlimited amount to 73 UAH per month, for villagers – 67,99 UAH per month. The rate of Home basic will increase to UAH 68 and 63 respectively.

14. In accordance with the waste Act, from January 1, Ukrainians should start to sort garbage by type of material: organic, metal, glass, plastic and paper. However, the containers for separate waste collection in most backyards is not installed.

15. From 1 January expanded the list of occupations entitling to a retirement pension on preferential terms. To existing benefit recipients added in full employment:

– repair equipment in the conditions of production and capital repair of wells;

– at work in the exclusion zone, where the total contamination density of territory by radionuclides is 100 kBq/m2 and more;

– soldering products solder containing lead or harmful substances of the first/second hazards or carcinogens;

– on the extraction and processing of uranium ore and more than 50 percent of their time;in warehouses and storage depots and delivery of pesticides and chemical products, directly engaged in loading, unloading and warehousing of pesticides.

16. In connection with the increase in the minimum wage and increased penalties for violation of labor legislation by legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs.

17. Since the beginning of 2018 in Poland has changed the terms of issue of seasonal workers from abroad. The statements of Polish entrepreneurs about the intention to entrust a job to a foreigner was replaced by a paid permits for seasonal work that can not last longer than 9 months during the calendar year period is counted from the date of entry of a foreigner in Poland. The work permit will cost 30 zlotys (about 240 UAH).

18. Since the beginning of the year, more than 70% of roads (120 thousand kilometers) transferred to the control of local authorities. 50 thousand kilometers of roads will remain on the balance of Ukravtodor. Decentraliserad and funding – this year regional governments will receive 35% of funding for roads or of 11.41 billion UAH, and Ukravtodor – 60% of funding or 19.5 billion UAH. Ukravtodor also will have to pay in the current year 6 billion debts.

19. Since 1 January Ukraine should start to reduce customs duties on cars manufactured in the European Union. 10% duty is expected to decline by 0.9% each year for 10 years.

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20. Postal service increased the price of their services by an average of 16%. Postage on the territory of Ukraine grew in price by 12.3%, postage abroad – by 43.2%.

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