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Ukrainians told how much it will cost vacation on tropical resorts

Украинцам рассказали, во сколько обойдется отдых на тропических курортахIt is expensive.

We decided to count how many ordinary Ukrainians will cost the trip to the resorts, which usually are in the luxury segment.

“Democratic” Maldives

About a year ago, the travel agents were the so-called budget Maldives Islands. However, because of the high cost of flights even on loukost, to call this trip affordable is quite difficult.

So, a relatively inexpensive holiday to the Maldives is now worth at least $1.8 thousand. But what the tourist receives for such an impressive price tag? Nothing special! The price includes flights and a week in the Guesthouse for Breakfast, which is the capital of Maldives – malé. This, incidentally, is not quite the Maldives as you see on the juicy photos and selfies by celebrities. In addition, given the proximity of the airport, you will have to put up with the corresponding noise.

Украинцам рассказали, во сколько обойдется отдых на тропических курортах

If we talk about “affordable” five-star Maldives, here is the price bracket starts from $3.5 thousand, but again- only for Breakfast. It is worth considering that the power to the island Republic is very expensive. The reason is simple – nothing is done and almost all foods, including even fruits, hoteliers are forced to import. Hence the dripping from the $50 a day on lunch and dinner meals. It if not to show off.

Well, the real “premium” Gordo said to start at $10 thousand. There you wait for the famous “Richville”, and the beaches in bounty style, and luxury service and impeccable photogenic views, and other amenities.

Available Seychelles

Another luxury resort – Seychelles Islands beaches which annually occupy the first place in tourist rankings. The most “affordable” round here will cost you 2430 euros for two. Succinite in the usual five-star hotel in the Seychelles – from 4,5 thousand Euro per week and accommodation in a premium of about 7-8 thousand euros.

Украинцам рассказали, во сколько обойдется отдых на тропических курортах

As in the Maldives, there are very few hotels working on beloved by our tourists the power supply system “all inclusive”, so the above numbers are for accommodation only with Breakfast.

For example, for 11 nights at the luxurious Six Senses with a package of nutrition ALL Ukrainian travel agents will ask for 25 thousand euros. Week for two at the Four Seasons costs “only” 11 million euros.

Useful tricks

Even if the above figures gave the idea to put a fat cross on exotic latitudes, do not jump to conclusions. Of course, there are life hacks.

Take, for example, booking hotels in low season. The same Maldives – this summer. However let this not discourage you. All that will spoil your holiday at this time of the year –short warm rains. But the water is even clearer and the climate is milder, and roast in the sun will be much more difficult.

But the prices in this period are much nicer. The website guarantees 9 nights in a cool “five” for only 1.6 thousand with free cancellation. Accordingly, the cute four-star hotel on the beautiful Atoll will help to save budget to travel 20-30%, and even more.

Of course, there are nuances. You need to spend time finding the hotel. Rely on reviews is very carefully, as is the practice of “custom-made” reviews. In this respect, private video reviews from the same travel agents on YouTube will be honest.

The next stage – flight. Booking a hotel at a good price do not hurry to rejoice. There also need to fly! Here you will come to the aid of various aggregators of tickets, but there are pitfalls. Not worth it, for example, to bind to the local point of departure. That is, if you could not find a decent price for a flight from places of permanent deployment – do not despair. You should look for coming from the airport of your city options.

Very often the same in Poland can you find a ticket, which will save you almost half the cost of the entire tour. However, it is possible that here you have to play “tag” with the date and terminals. The aggregators can be a difficult route, which will run through two or three countries where you can stay for a short period, thereby introducing a new color to your ride.

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