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Ukrainians told how much it will cost the rest “savage” in Odessa

Украинцам рассказали, сколько будет стоить отдых «дикарем» в ОдессеWhat you need to know before you travel.

The holiday season in Odessa is in full swing. July and August have the greatest number of tourists. And although in recent days the weather tourists are not Pets, they endure her whims: ride the intermittent rain under umbrellas of summer fields and trees, then back to shore.

“Today” went to the beach and found out how much it costs visitors vacation in the so-called high season. In between the rains on the beach “Langeron” crowded. Vacationers with sun loungers gradually pushed back from the water those who want to lie free in their litter, and at a distance wishing to play beach volleyball, seek out open areas between water slides, children’s trampolines, summer playgrounds and decks fashioned beach resorts. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

For rent deck chairs for the whole day now asking for 70-150 UAH, depending on the beach and the type of sunbed. However one couch local businessmen will not be limited. Square wooden decking with an area of about four square meters, which is the most common, often does not come with double mattress on the beaches is called “bed”. To lie on this device, get ready to pay 300 UAH. The bed with wooden posts at the corners, between which stretched translucent fabric, this is a “tent”. The price matches the status and starts from 500 UAH.

Vacationers that we met on Lanzheron beach, we complained on the lack of basic amenities and prices.

“The toilet here is one, and the surcharge (5 UAH. — Ed.) it is somehow not human,” he shared with us a tourist from Chigirin Maria.

“We expensive for the beach to relax, UAH 100 for a couch for us a lot. Ice cream we have at home for 12 rubles to buy, it is worth 48 to 50 hryvnia, at the exchange rate turns out more expensive”, — admitted to us Albina, who came to Odessa from Tiraspol.

Украинцам рассказали, сколько будет стоить отдых «дикарем» в Одессе

“Langeron”. Fished almost the whole family.

By the way, in addition to ice cream, beaches traditionally offered a snack of boiled corn, dried fish, shrimp and cotton candy. The price of all the Goodies in the range of 20-30 UAH. And a glass of milkshake or foam in the average price of 25 UAH. At the same price you can buy a small hamburger.

Seasoned travelers are advised to prepare to stay in Odessa for a month to be able to book accommodation and to purchase train tickets. According to the sites with ads, apartments for rent in the center of Odessa starts from 500 UAH per day, and a place in the hostel can be removed and 150 UAH. Most of our interlocutors admitted that he settled with relatives and friends.

Украинцам рассказали, сколько будет стоить отдых «дикарем» в Одессе

Services. Lie on a sun lounger can be a 70 UAH, and in the tent for 500.

Meanwhile, at the Tourist information centre say that tourists do not just rest on the sea, but also attend excursions and cultural events.

“The sea, on the one hand, attracts people, and with another — a little Odessa eclipses — told us the Deputy Director of the center for Hope Haraburda. — People who normally refer to their health, dedicated to beach morning or evening, and a day walking around the city, attend cultural events, shopping and entertainment centers”.


Much more economical will stay in Odessa “savage” — a tent on the beach. Besides, if you stay at an equipped campsite, as it is in the area of climbing on the Route of health at the disposal of tourists will be all the necessary amenities: restroom, outdoor shower, a kitchen with a stovetop, an electric kettle and a microwave, and an outlet to charge gadgets.

Украинцам рассказали, сколько будет стоить отдых «дикарем» в Одессе

With tent save on housing.

With those who came to rest with his tent, at the end of June asked for 65 UAH per day per person. A tent with camping — 120 UAH. The staff immediately warned: in July will be more expensive. However, even under these conditions, the savings are significant, because the accommodation for tourists is one of the most costly items of expenditure. By the way, this is sometimes used by the enterprising inhabitants of Odessa: their homes they rent out to visitors, while they themselves live in a tent by the sea.

Use of kitchen, shower and restroom facilities included in the price, but if you want to make a barbeque — grill will have to pay. To use your impossible, and the local rental will cost 100-150 UAH.

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