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Ukrainians still can not go to Belarus ID-passports

Украинцы до сих пор не могут поехать в Беларусь с ID-паспортамиUkrainian citizens with the new passports, the so-called ID-cards not let in Belarus.

This information on a press-conferences was confirmed by the assistant chief of the Chernihiv border detachment Alexander Dudko.

“Facts about nepropusk citizens of Ukraine, which received the bodies of the State migration service passport of the new sample documents, the so-called ID-cards are fixed, but this is due to certain legislative nonsense: new documents in Ukraine is introduced, but not included in the interstate agreement on visa-free trips of citizens of Ukraine and Belarus to each other,” said Dudko.

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According to him, Belarusians, Ukrainians wrapped with your ID cards regardless of whether they have the equipment for reading information from such documents or not – they are simply fulfilling existing contractual obligations.

“It does not matter to the border guards, as to the relevant consular services of ministries of foreign Affairs of both countries,” said Dudko.

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