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Ukrainians show the wonders of ingenuity, choosing gifts for February 14

Украинцы проявляют чудеса смекалки, выбирая подарки на 14 февраля Among the popular gifts on Valentine’s Day – lingerie, plants in pots and watch.

Despite the crisis, Ukrainians are actively preparing for February 14 — Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, the Ukrainians are ready to seriously fork out on gifts, because the average price can be from 150 to 2500 UAH. All this is according to a study the company held specifically for our readers (see infographic). Journalists have found out how changes in consumer sentiment Ukrainians online and is it possible to save money on gifts for Valentine’s Day.

BUY. As demonstrated by the study in the eve of February 14 Ukrainians are actively interested in a wide variety of goods — and alcohol and fragrances, and intimate goods, and jewelry, and wristwatches. As explained to us the head of the marketplace Ivan Tailor, such inconsistency in the choice of gifts is simple: people buy their halves are not only romantic gifts, but also relevant to their tastes and needs. “Often the choice of surprise is affected by its cost, therefore, many donors can not please the reduction of the average bill in many categories. For example, over the past two years, the cost of alcohol or sweets fell by 100-200 UAH, and tablets — 500 UAH. It means that if in 2014 people spent on alcohol 847 UAH, sweets — 426 UAH, and on tablets — 3119 UAH, this year, these same goods can be purchased for UAH 660, 302 2541 UAH and UAH”, — explains Ivan Tailor. According to him, the reasons for the decrease in the cost of goods on the eve of Valentine’s Day several. First, many sellers carry out pre-holiday sales that allow to save on purchases. Secondly, every year the range becomes wider, which allows you to choose not only expensive, but budget options. Third, the number of retail retailers in Ukraine increased, respectively — for the buyer has to fight more aggressively, including through lower prices. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

SAVE. Meanwhile, the experts recommend not to buy gifts hastily, as if to give this issue the time and attention you can save about 10-20% of the average value of the goods. “In February, traditionally held sales in Europe, and Ukraine entrenched this tradition. Shops who value their reputation, not wind discounts, as you otherwise risk losing customers. So sales are quite real. The benefits of the store to attract more customers. But? to make sure that the discount is not fake, just look at the store in advance and then compare old and new prices. In addition, you should subscribe to the store not to miss the start of the sale and time to purchase a popular product,” says tips managing partner of the online store F. ia Dmytro Pokotilo. At the same time in the pursuit of discounts, experts recommend to remain calm, because the sellers are trying to get the buyer out of balance, emphasizing the fact that the campaign will end soon and there are very few goods. “In a hurry, the buyer makes more impulsive purchases than staying calm,” — said Pokotilo.

Украинцы проявляют чудеса смекалки, выбирая подарки на 14 февраля

Non-STANDARD. In addition to the traditional Valentine gifts of wine, chocolates and flowers, Ukrainians are increasingly eyeing the unusual surprises. So, according to analysts online store В today to surprise your soul mate can be such surprises as the blanket with sleeves for two, the housekeeper-birdhouse, hammock for two, a table for Breakfast in bed, a fortune cookie, paired decorations, flower arrangement in Floriana, etc. According to experts, these gifts can cost the giver inexpensive — in the range of 300-700 UAH. “Ukrainians want to get in the holiday vivid emotions and good mood, which is lacking in a crisis”, — experts say.

The experts say that it is not necessary to give a unique gift, because you can give and quite the usual thing, but the approach to the selection of creative surprise. “For example, you can give powerbank (portable charger), which now seems banal product. But if you can buy it in the form of a tube of lipstick — it is unusual. And for a pragmatic people may wish to certificate that will allow you to choose a gift like” — lists pokotylo.

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