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Ukrainians resent searches of students on mcqs

Украинцы возмущаются обысками учеников на ВНО Ukrainian TV channel unveiled a humorous video about the checks before evaluation.

Police officers with metal detectors searched students who came to pass the external independent testing.

TSN has published in social networks joking (judging by the music, text and smiley) video about the searches during the set. But the joke’s on you: the overwhelming majority of commentators outraged by the test organisation.

First day of TESTING. Chi – molist, spicate?

Dives, Yak abcourt pricio perevet before TESTING. Polcast s metalocation realno sukuti gadgeti from Cribs. Sansu, spicate, it seems, godnic. Chi all the same yea? 😉

TSN published 23 may 2017

“It’s a shame!!! A mockery of the disciples! No country in Europe do not! The deputies were not checked!”, – write the users of Facebook. Curiously, many commentators noted the fact that the current political elite of Ukraine in relation to itself does not permit this. And it would be necessary.

“The child’s mind and so under pressure, and searches is a shame, not reform,” say the Ukrainians. – “The police have nothing else to do? These are children, not criminals! Gross!”

“The horror! If and to the officials it is introduced, we are left without power,” write the Ukrainians.

“The power of morons, freaks” – censorship of references to initiators of such searches allowed myself a few. On the other hand, none of searching not explained their rights and not told on what basis they are humiliated. However, the police have a new, she may not know that there is such a thing as the presumption of innocence.

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