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Ukrainians reacted to the introduction of a tax on the sale/used goods

Украинцы бурно отреагировали на введение налога на продажу б/у товаровAround the law, the debate continues.

Once the tax authorities have urged the Ukrainians to the payment of taxes in the amount of about 20% from the sold b/y stuff, social media, the debate continues.

By Law, anyone who sold their clothes, shoes, household appliances and other things previously enjoyed, is obliged to pay to the budget a tax of 18% of the total amount of the realized goods and 1.5 military duty. But most interesting is that the Ukrainians we sell used things at a loss, reducing the cost of the original two, and even three times, because the demand for used goods with a high price is unlikely to be good.

The people hysterically mocks attorney of Ukraine, who want to enlarge the state budget by taxes made by Ukrainians from the sale of used things. For example, people bought a smartphone for 3000 UAH, and sells it for 1500 UAH at a loss, but if he still pay tax then on hand, it will be roughly 1200 UAH. It turns out that it is a tax on a loss.

Consignment shops a long time to consider this tax in the cost of each item for sale, but he is not of 19.5%, as required by the SFS, and a maximum of 7-10%.

In the case of pawn shops, and even interesting way. The person who pawned, for example, gold jewelry, and took him within the prescribed time shall pay the tax from the amount that he initially got at the pawn shop.

How GFS will track the tax payment from the sale of used things – is unknown, especially because the Ukrainians do not create any contracts of sale when you sell your own things or becoming someone else.

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