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Ukrainians promised cold on the weekend

Украинцам пообещали похолодание на выходныхForecasters said that in some areas will significantly drop the temperature

On Saturday, November 10 throughout the territory of Ukraine is expected to decrease air temperature. This is the website of the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.

According to forecasters, in the East of Ukraine will be Sunny and without rain. In the afternoon air will get warm to +3 to +6 degrees. Night is expected -2 to +1 degree.

In the southern regions of rain, clear. In Odessa in the daytime +10 +12 degrees. In Mykolayiv and Kherson from +8 to +10 degrees. Night in the region from 0 to +4 degrees.

In Crimea, Sunny, no precipitation. Day +11 +13 degrees. Night from +2 to +4 degrees.

In the Northern areas are also colder. The day is expected Sunny weather, from +4 to +6 degrees. The night the air temperature drops to 0 -2 degrees.

On the West of the country will be warmer. Expected in the afternoon sun, no rain. In Uzhgorod the air warms up to +11 and +13 degrees. In Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv from 9 to 11 degrees. In other areas of the region from +8 to +10 degrees. Night from +3 to -2 degrees.

In the Central part of Ukraine Sunny precipitation are not predicted. Day +7 +9 degrees, at night from-3 to +1 degree.

In Kiev, November 10 is expected to be Sunny weather without precipitation. Possible fog. In the afternoon the air warms up to +7 to +9 degrees. From -1 to +1 degree.

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