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Ukrainians offer to improve the economy of the country by the legalization of prostitution

Украинцы предлагают улучшить экономику страны легализацией проституции

At the moment, prostitution in Ukraine is illegal, as defined by article 302 of the Penal code and article 181-1 of the Administrative code, however, the Ukrainians decided to correct this “misunderstanding”.

19 February 2019 on the website the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was published a petition on the necessity of legalization of prostitution in Ukraine.

The author of the petition of Daniil Shapovalov claims that the realities in the country are that prostitution has a very wide spread and almost never meets resistance from law enforcement agencies and authorities. The number of prostitutes is quite large and the tendencies to reduction of their number there, the author notes. On the account at law enforcement is one/two or even more thousands of prostitutes in every major city. Now even prostitution contributes significantly to the development of corruption in various law enforcement agencies, says Shapovalov.

“I propose to legalize prostitution in Ukraine and to equate and consider the prostitutes as entrepreneurs or to enter a special space for the provision of these services. Appropriate measures will provide the state additional funds and reduce the shadow trafficking, will lead to the decriminalization in society. Also, prostitutes will be able to improve their social status in the understanding of the state, will decrease the unemployment rate, which has a positive impact on the economy”, — concluded the author of the petition.

In conclusion, Shapovalov said that the government will need to monitor these processes for adherence to all relevant conditions (age, medical examinations, legal maintenance of activity), but the benefits listed above, allegedly far exceed these costs.

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