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Ukrainians laugh funny robbery in Russia

Украинцев рассмешило курьезное ограбление в РоссииThe robber took the man a bag of food.

In social networks laugh at the robbery in Moscow, where an unknown attacker on the passer, and took his package of food.

This crime was reported by the Russian TV channel REN TV.

It is noted that in the North of Moscow the robber struck the resident on the head and took the bag of food. The victim was taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed a bruise of soft fabrics of a head. Pravoohraniteli has opened a criminal case.

“The robber in the center of Moscow robbed a passer-pack with delicious-smelling food.” The Center Of Moscow. The robber. A bag of food. Out of the crisis!” — comment on the incident in a Twitter Stalingrad.

“As an ordinary passerby turned out to be delicious food, it turns out”, “Soon will take the packages of foul-smelling food in the trash”, “That’s what our government has brought people to steal each other’s food. This is because not all can look for her in the trash”, “Rose from his knees, what the fuck” — comment on other Twitter users.

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