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Ukrainians laugh at the statement, about repair of roads

Украинцы посмеялись над заявлением Гройсмана о ремонте дорогSocial media has ridiculed the statement of the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman on the allocation of money for road repairs.

On the page in Facebook the official wrote that in January-April 2017, “thanks to over-fulfillment of revenues from customs could further redirect more than 4 billion UAH for the repair of Ukrainian roads”.

In the comments under the post users are skeptical about this news.

“Sent it’s good! Who will take responsibility that this money is not stolen? Make way really expensive?”, “It would be great to feel like the Europeans on these roads. Yet even in Kiev, it is not everywhere felt. Need the control and specific indicators, not blah-blah”, — wrote the user.

Украинцы посмеялись над заявлением Гройсмана о ремонте дорог

While the Prime Minister was advised to personally check the quality of the roads, not just report their repair.

“Vladimir Borisovich, I suggest you to travel in the direction of the Dnepr-Nikopol. Then tell us about money on the road. OK?” — asked him.

Groisman also asked questions about compensation for broken wheels and broken suspension cars. And where the money goes, “which should go to the road Fund from each litre of fuel”, the interest of Ukrainians in the network.

“PPC Koson in Mukachevo via Horonda is simply impossible to go. It’s a strategic move to enemy tanks is not passed?”, “Where’s the repair? Dnipropetrovsk oblast — long distance road, the de*mo dog” “First of may went to Vinnytsia through the White Church, the escort there will not pass,” write the angry Ukrainians.

Украинцы посмеялись над заявлением Гройсмана о ремонте дорог

The people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk wrote to the Prime Minister that he had better control of the quality of reforms in the customs.

“Mr Miller, all of whom you freed in 2016, returned to their posts. You take a trip to Krakovetskiy checkpoint, where smuggling is in full swing. It is not necessary to give out wished for valid”, — added the politician.

The Ukrainians wrote that the country needs real reforms, not their visibility.

“Reform can be seen at any border crossing point with Poland. I advise you to go and see with your own eyes kilometer queue, and border trade with smuggling,” it was under the post.

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