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Ukrainians invented a “smart” hive

Украинцы придумали «умный» улейUkrainian scientists have developed a unique technology that allows not only to observe the work of bees, but also to manage the process of collecting honey.

Special equipment believes bees, controlling temperature, air purity and quantity of the collected honey.

Monitoring the indicators allows you to react to the change of microclimate in the hive. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Smart hive is designed to optimize the performance of the industry, to improve production efficiency, reduce the risks of losses for beekeepers. And also to increase the profitability of this business”, — said economist Tatiana Nabokov.

Smart hive is also equipped with microphone. He captures changes of mood of the bees. If the noise increases and the insects begin to swarm is a sign of danger. The technology also provides equipment of hive scales to the farmer always knew how much honey gathered his workers. Information on these and other data through a mobile app goes to the phone and recorded on a dedicated website.

Despite the fact that Ukraine is one of the world leaders in the production of honey, local beekeepers still harvest products from honey old-fashioned way. This procedure is fairly irritates insects and causes them stress. As a consequence, the efficiency decreases. But, “smart” hive allows much less to disturb the bees.

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