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Ukrainians have suggested, how become a nation of successful people

Украинцам подсказали, как стать нацией успешных людейLesya and Halyna Telnyuk pointed out the important problem of the Ukrainian society.

Ukrainians will become a successful nation in that case, if they understand that economic prosperity is impossible without the development of culture and science, which are the engine of progress. Experience powerful States of the world is proof of that.

This was stated by the honoured artist of Ukraine sisters Lesya and Halyna Telnyuk. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

So, Lesya Telnyuk noted that Ukrainian society is still in the stage of growing up.

“We now live in such conditions… we haven’t formed as normal, healthy, democratic society… Such processes is clear – a nation still traumatized, still sick,” she said.

According to her, at first glance just seems that in such a situation seems to be no time for art. However, “culture and science is a lifeline for the nation. Not the economy, not all these (material) things,” said the Telnyuk. “The development of a successful, self-confident nation is possible through the adult culture through academic, folk music, across the entire cultural spectrum. Only then can a person feel confident and belonging to a particular culture,” she said.

“Unfortunately, most of our people do not realize what culture they belong to. They consider all culture that comes out of the TV. They do not understand the basics and value the huge “garden” in which we live. This should help them to open,” said the artist.

At this point the conversation is connected Galina Telnyuk. In this context, the sister she remembered the case of life, when overheard in a queue, as women resented the prospect of the abolition of the holiday on March 8.

“90% of women is the only day when they would bring flowers. Imagine how I had to work with the people, have to humiliate this poor glorified “Soviet” the woman conscious of myself as some kind of organism that can get flowers only on March 8, and the rest of the time it is not known who,” said Galina Telnyuk.

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