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Ukrainians have promised significant warming

Украинцам пообещали существенное потеплениеPrecipitation is not foreshadowed.

The national forecaster Natalia Didenko gave the Ukrainians the forecast for Friday, December 8. According to her, significant residues are not expected. Snow and rain take a small timeout.

“SYNOPTIC situation tells us that tomorrow Ukraine will not rain. Such a short-term, but a break in this atmospheric lepanina. Except that in the East a little fog or rain moroninho. This predictive map of precipitation for tomorrow and she said that close to Norway, spinning a powerful cyclone, which will lead to difficult weather in many countries of Europe – rain, strong winds,” wrote Didenko.

The weather forecaster said that a seasonal rain front will come to Ukraine on December 9 and 10.

“Atmospheric front, which stretched out under the Lithuania – Poland – Northern Italy, reaches Ukraine only on Saturday-Sunday. Therefore, we have tomorrow still no rain.The temperature of the nearest night from 3 heat up 2 frost, Sumy, Kharkiv, Lugansk and around 2-5 degrees below zero. The afternoon of 8 December will be warm, +3 and +7 degrees, in the South +6 + 11градусов”, – she wrote.

According to forecasts Didenko, Kiev a warm Friday.

“In Kiev, on Friday, I hope, will be without the usual Friday traffic jams, because precipitation is not expected, roads will be relatively dry, air is warm and fresh, wind of the Western direction, a small, high moderate. A night in the capital near zero, tomorrow is day +4 degrees. In the future it will be even warmer,” – cheered forecaster.

Украинцам пообещали существенное потепление

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