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Ukrainians have promised another increase of pensions

Украинцам пообещали еще одно повышение пенсий Reva announced the second increase of pensions.

The government has pledged another increase in pensions — those with whom they were miserable after modernizing. This was stated by Minister of social policy Andrei Reva.

According to him, we are talking about the people who worked hard, but received little pay. And the current formula for the calculation of pensions considers a “workday” less than earnings. Terms of improving the Minister did not mention as ways to improve, mentioning only that the Cabinet such a mechanism develops.

Who didn’t

According to the Pension Fund, of the nearly 12 million pensioners have received an increase of 86%. The remaining 14% were people whose pension even after the allocation has not changed because of small experience and low wages, negotiable to the average wage in the country at the time. Also among them are those who receive special pensions — scientists, civil servants, etc. (except security forces), the law on increpare does not provide for their conversion. But typically, these pensions account for 3-5 thousand.

40% of pensioners (nearly 4.8 million people) that received the minimum increase (up to 200 UAH), entered low-paid, mentioned the Minister.

“These are people who all his life worked hard on collective farms for “workdays” are those who were nurses and paramedics, and others who have worked here for 30 years and more. We will ensure their right to a decent pension,” he promised Reva.

According to the state statistics on salaries for 1940-1991, work in the agricultural sector at all times was lower than in industry in 2,5—3 times. Therefore, the farmers and workers of state farms, except for tractor drivers, combine operators who were paid 2-3 times above the average, received the minimum allowance, once in 40%.

Analysis of salaries by industry for 1992-2017. shows that 40% of those who received at least came as nurses, doctors, teachers, accountants, most of his life working in the Soviet Union, fishermen, foresters.

Who gave more

Experts found out which of pensioners were among those who were more fortunate with the modernization of pensions (see infographic).

Украинцам пообещали еще одно повышение пенсий

An increase of UAH 400-500 workers, machine operators, construction workers, road builders with experience of over 40 years, machine. From 500 to 1000 UAH premiums received Department heads, Directors of industries, professors of universities (if it is not a scientific pension). Unexpectedly among the lucky ones were those who received pensions for 949 UAH due to incomplete work experience (less than 15 years). They added as many as 503 grn (+53%) to the minimum pension in 1452 UAH.

More than 2000 UAH premiums workers of hot shops (foundry workers, welders) and hazardous industries (chemical industry), miners, sailors, builders, bankers. Finally, the high salary — more than 4500 UAH — less than 1% of pensioners who had wages much higher than the national average and a great experience. These include test pilots, miners with experience more than 20 years, aviators. Many of these people were awarded orders, awarded the title Hero of socialist labor, Hero of Ukraine, “deserved”, “folk”, which is based on the increase to pension in the amount of 20-40% of prozhminimuma for able-bodied (now 1247 UAH).

“We need a unified calculation rules”

Experts ambiguously estimate pensions the initiative of the Minister of social policy on additional recalculation of pensions. So, according to the former head of the Pensfond, and now independent expert Victor Kolbun, it will be a departure from the common principles of conversion and modernization of pensions approved a new bill on pension reform.

“What the workers want to increase pensions, that’s good, but the rules should be the same for all, otherwise, it’s egalitarianism, explained to us Kolbun. — If you accept the proposal of the Minister of social policy, offset by the value of skilled labor: figuratively speaking, and digger, and the Professor can get almost the same pension.”

Regarding the mechanism of recalculation of pensions of low-paid, Kolbun made that they can keep the current coefficient for length (from 1 January 2018, it will be reduced from 1.35 to 1) to arithmetically increase their current pensions by 25%. But the judge against co-pay for the expense of Pensfond, he suggested that the government paid these people some kind of social assistance from the state budget.

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