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Ukrainians have created an unusual robot farmer

Украинцы создали необычного робота-фермераThe complex consists of an unmanned “mini-tractors”

The assistant Manager would willingly accept farmers using precision farming technology, because it is equipped with a large number of sensors and will be able during operation to collect information about humidity, soil acidity, the condition of crops, and other data.

In the river team, which includes agronomists, engineers control systems, as well as architects, has developed and is implementing the concept of Autonomous rural work AgroSmart L, is able to automate all field work.

The complex consists of an unmanned “mini-tractors” and a set of hinged handles. The set is chosen individually for each farmer depending on the conditions of cultivation and range of crops. The payload of the platform 50 tons opens up possibilities for using implements.

The developers plan to install on agro-energy the installation of solar panels and the battery, so the unit will be able to work around the clock. The onboard computer can be programmed to multi-year work period: the robot will be able to go on the field, and transport modules will be to bring seeds, fertilizers and packaging, sending to the warehouse already packaged products. Thus, the robot can constantly be in the field, and the process can be observed online.

AgroSmart L will receive, and mechanical manipulators to control weeds, which, combined with the multicultural planting will eliminate herbicides and many fertilizers.

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