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Ukrainians have created an app for self-diagnosis diseases

Украинцы создали приложение для самостоятельной диагностики болезнейThe program is absolutely free.

A mobile app designed to help self-diagnose a disease based on symptoms, was developed by the Ukrainian Vadim Grinchenko, who works as a designer at Groupon, and his sister Lily Kurilec, the main allergist Zaporizhia and lecturer at the Zaporozhye state medical University.

The program is called First Aid and it is absolutely free. However, while it is only available for iOS users. Will soon start the app and to the Android platform. The idea to develop such an app came to mind of the developer after meeting with all the charms of medicine in Ukraine.

Of course, First Aid is not a personal therapist. The program can only make recommendations that will help you to contact the appropriate specialist. For example, it is possible to try to determine the cause of the pain, to see the possible diagnoses and to understand how critical the situation can be to decide to go to the doctor is necessary immediately or not. The app works simply: it raises appropriate questions ( “where it hurts, how it hurts, where it gives than is accompanied with pain, eases the pain”), which help to establish the possible cause.

Overall, the program 52 knows the symptoms of the disease from the usual delayed onset muscle soreness after the gym to fractures and stroke. The user can also export the results in a PDF file and then show it to the doctor at the reception.

For the creation of applications Vadim spent two years and about 5000 euros, which he invested. The developer hopes that his app will be of interest to Ukrainian doctors who will be able to use it to provide medical consultations online. To do this, the application provides a corresponding function. It is reported that in Ukraine this service is free for other users in other countries – it will be paid.

By the way, in the app there is a button emergency call ambulance in any part of the world. As for monetization, the developer plans to make money on paid medical consultations in the U.S. and Europe, he is now completing the legal registration of all necessary documents for online counselling.

Now the application is available in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

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