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Ukrainians have created a unique electric car without battery

Украинец создал уникальный электромобиль без аккумулятораThe invention of our compatriot claim the title of “Breakthrough of the year”.

It is no secret that the main shortcoming of serial electric cars is the low cruising range, which does not allow for long trips without recharging.

Ukrainian Vadim keywords knows how to solve this problem. Spent some time in Asia, our compatriot developed a concept car, Tuk-Tuk, which does not need batteries.

The machine features ultra-fast supererogation receives energy via wireless network. Such a solution has another important advantage, without the battery the car loses much of its weight, and thus consumes less power. In the cabin of the electric vehicle can comfortably accommodate three passengers.

It is unknown what the fate of this project, but nevertheless I want to believe that the development of the Ukrainian engineer will be developed and become widespread.

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