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Ukrainians have created a new gadget Hideez Key 2

Украинцы создали новый гаджет Hideez Key 2Hideez Key 2 now is not only smart keychain.

At CES 2017, the Ukrainian company Hideez Technology has introduced the second version of its gadget Hideez Key intended for storage of user passwords.

The manufacturer calls it digital key, because in addition to two factor autorizatii wherever possible, thanks to the built-in RFID module, the device can replace the key for the locks at home and office systems authorized access. New Hideez Key 2 differs from its predecessor, which was announced last summer, reduced size, waterproof (IP67) case and a silicone case allows users to carry the gadget not only in the form of a keychain. Besides that, there are three ways of wearing: necklace, bracelet and clip for fixing on clothing.

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Inside is a Nordic nRF52832 processor with 64 kilobytes of RAM, Bluetooth 4.2 NFC/RFID. Instead of the CR2032 batteries in Hideez Key 2 used is charged via a microUSB battery capacity of 70 (according to other sources — 80, the device still exists in the prototype) mA-CH, which, according to developers, enough for 2 weeks of work. Inside the case size millimeters 38х18х10 there are three antenna — Bluetooth (2.4 GHz), RFID (124-134 KHz) and NFC (12.56 MHz). Multifunctional key became more noticeable, it added a touch panel and two LEDs. The key distinguishes between short and long press can be programmed for custom functions. The device must support firmware updates “over the air” and works in conjunction with the server to authorize (and the passwords are stored in ustroistve, not on the server).

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About the price and timing of sales of new products is still unknown, original Key Hideez now costs $ 49. This spring plans to release a client app My Hideez for iOS and OS X, as well as updating the Android version.

Украинцы создали новый гаджет Hideez Key 2
Украинцы создали новый гаджет Hideez Key 2

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