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Ukrainians have begun to reserve a holiday package

Украинцы начали массово бронировать путевки на летний отдыхOver the past two years the flow of tourists abroad increases

Early booking of holidays is becoming increasingly popular among Ukrainians.

Comments about this Radio NV the Director of the Ukrainian Association of travel agencies Anton Rudich.

Time to book your holiday for the summer can be until the end of March, however, there is still time in April, he said. However, prices can decline and just before the season, said Rudich.

Over the last two years tourist flow abroad is growing, said Rudic. This market has grown by 25-30% last year. The beginning of this year for tourism, was also optimistic. Increasing the demand, in particular, the visa-free regime with the European Union. Attracting another low-cost carrier impact on self and business tourism in Ukraine. While sales of packaged tours which include accommodation, flights, transfers and insurance are not affected.

Ukrainians actively use early booking because they feel stability. This opinion in comments to Radio NV expressed the Executive Secretary of the Ukrainian Association of tour Operators Oleg Pikersky. The rest on may holidays started to order in February. And have chosen a vacation for the summer. Pre-trip planning approximately 20-25% of tourists said Pikersky.

Ukrainians in the summer often spend their holidays in the Odessa region. But in recent years become popular Carpathian and Shatsky lakes, said Pikersky.

Prices in the tourist market are changing with each season. Two years ago in Turkey vouchers for Ukrainian tourists were cheaper than this year, said Vice-President of the Association of leaders of tourist industry Arkady Maslov. Turkish hotels today do not make special offers for the Ukrainians. But Europe still will have to spend more.

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According to Maslow, when choosing a hotel in Europe, you need to pay extra for food, alcohol, drinks, entertainment for children, disco. Ukraine the system approach in tourism development is not enough, the expert believes. In his opinion, the tourism market still remains closed. However, there are many possibilities for its development.

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