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Ukrainians harshly ridiculed Putin’s attempt to “squeeze” Anna Kiev

Украинцы жестко высмеяли попытку Путина "отжать" Анну КиевскуюThe leader of the Russian Federation decided to “assign” Prince Yaroslav the Wise and Queen Anne.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who with a frequency of Chikatilo tries to rape the well-known historical facts, where it is possible to understand. Does not want to “European politician” Putin lead the pedigree of Moscow of the ulus of Batu-Khan, who really is the true father of the modern Russian state. Want to add European luster and cling to the Golden age of Ukraine-Rus.

Recall that the President during a press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron said that Yaroslav the Wise was a “Russian Prince”. In addition, he mentions his daughter, Anna Yaroslavna, who was Queen of France, also assuring her Russian origin.

But manuscripts do not burn, and European history does not tolerate such a blatant abuse of facts. And historical annexation is even more wildly than the Crimean adventure. May not be a Russian Princess Anna Yaroslavna, born in the capital city of Kiev over a hundred years before the appearance of the village of Moscow. However, perhaps Vladimir Putin gets once again in trouble not only from the understandable desire of the common people to boast far pseudoregister with the Grand folks. The master of the Kremlin simply do not know the story.

Because, you see, a man who knows history, never abused, it would be above international law by the annexation of the Crimea — because the sight was always the example of Adolf Hitler drank poison in his bunker. Who would, knowing the history and knowing how Slobodan Milosevic was tried in the Hague — would have sent Russian soldiers in Donbass? And the example with torn to pieces by Colonel Gaddafi were to keep the GDP from the firing of “Boeing”.

Yes, Mr President, you see, really thinks that Moscow is the third Rome or the second Shed, and the new will not happen. That’s just ignorance of history is no excuse before law. Princess Annushka has already spilled the oil on which the wheel of history, gaining momentum, sooner or later, to ride and historical ignoramus Putin.

Oddly shuffled deck, in Moscow, in Paris, while inbound. In the river’s history reached, not knowing the Ford, And Anna declared his Princess. Time to forget about the Kiev throne, the Tyrant bald lies like a trooper. But Yaroslavna – our for the Horde France Moscow does not believe!

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