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Ukrainians continue to buy used cars from Europe

Украинцы продолжают массово скупать поддержанные автомобили из ЕвропыJunk cars in the EU find a “second life” in Ukraine.

Uncleared cars on foreign registration attract Ukrainian its cheapness, may their operation and may have the best consequences for the Ukrainian. But it business is profitable and the Europeans, because it allows you to get money for a car, which anyway you need to get rid of.

Cars until 2010 in the EU cheap due to low demand for them. They do not meet modern environmental standards, so they imposed high taxes and to keep them profitable.

As you know, for old cars in the European Union provides for the disposal. When buying a car citizens of the EU countries pay a recycling fee, which in different countries is 45-200 euros. When passing cars on the disassembly of this amount will be refunded. The same system tried to introduce in 2013 in Ukraine, but we have a recycling fee caused justified indignation, because it amounted to 550 euros, that is several times higher than in the EU. It is not surprising that a year later it was canceled.

And in Europe, this scheme is very well developed. In total there are more than 300 sreberny enterprises. By the way, about 95% of car parts sell for recycling, so the business is profitable. Earlier in the same Germany at the disposal of the owner even paid 2,500 euros, but a few years ago from such practices abandoned. So today, motorists with EU is more profitable to sell cars even for a few hundred euros than to take to recycling and get a much smaller amount.

Moreover, you should consider one more nuance. In some European countries there are fines for abandoned old cars. In France for abandoned car owner will pay a fine in the amount of 75 thousand Euros.

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