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Ukrainians complain about the unbearable temperature in public transport

Украинцы жалуются на невыносимую температуру в общественном транспорте As shown in the experiment, only the latest technology coped with the cold.

People often complain that the ride in public transport unbearably cold. In most trolleybuses and trams not working heating system. The situation is exacerbated by the record low temperatures. Activists took the thermometer and ride in different types of urban transport.

In every kind of vehicle activist spent at least 30 minutes.

The results of the measurements it turned out that the tram cars major overhaul in 2017 could not cope with the task. The temperature outside was -20 degrees. The thermometer column has stopped on a mark of +9°. The stove in the cabin was not working. When the salon was Packed of people, the temperature rose to 10 degrees.

In the trolleybus Skoda it was even worse. The lounge also did not work heating. Inside the “horned” thermometer froze at around 0 degrees.

Trolleybus Electron delighted the townspeople more. This is a new technique, so the problems with the heating was not here. The cabin warmed up to 12 degrees. In the summer of 2017 conducted a similar experiment. Journalists measured the temperature in the interior of the transport, and it reached 40 degrees heat.

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