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Ukrainians are outraged by the carelessness of one of the military

Украинцы возмущены безалаберностью одного из военкоматовThe summons came a man who lives abroad.

Ukrainian military Commissariat sent a summons to the former citizen of a country which has nearly 20 years of living abroad, which caused the dissatisfaction in the network.

The story about trying to call a citizen of another state has published on his page in Facebook the journalist Andrey tsapliyenko.

“On the military account of a country at war. My friend comes here is the piece of paper, “Under paragraph 10 of article …”, “you must be …”, “I propose to come …” in Short, the agenda. It seems nothing special. In addition, my friend has two decades of living not specified in the paper address. Because is a resident of Germany,” he wrote.

Tsaplienko said that “the recruit” reported former neighbors, after which he contacted the recruiting office.

“I had a fight. Asked if it was in the fourth year of the war to have a real database? “Voenkomata” replied in a corresponding tone. Very loud. As used to speak with the people. But then, realizing what a headache ukrnames done, apologized. They say, “all of us are still on the cards, and we don’t know where someone really is”, – the journalist continued.

According to him, resulted in the military friend said that finally know that he is a nonresident, and remove it from the register.

“Stop! This is what everyone can call in a military registration and enlistment office, to say that he is no longer living in this country and thus avoid military service?” – said Tsaplienko.

Украинцы возмущены безалаберностью одного из военкоматов

Украинцы возмущены безалаберностью одного из военкоматов

Commentators began to condemn the system of the military account in Ukraine and to share similar stories. In turn, the “recruit” explained that when moving to Germany was removed from the military account and recalled the military 10 years ago, when as suddenly received a summons.

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